Friday Photos

I’m sure I intended to write a pithy, insightful post today.  Sorry.  The last several days have been a marathon of working on Astonishing.  I typed THE END a couple of hours ago, and I’m so drained I feel  gutted.  Crap, I think Little Incredibly Dumb Dog is playing with my small intestine.

I took my camera with me the other morning and shot some New York morning photos on the way home from taking Flower Child to school.  A couple of cool fog photos, and several of the ongoing and ever popular construction around the city.

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  1. Congrats, ladybug. I’m almost there myself – The End, part 1. Taking a break from the forum, so you know where to find me if ya get an itch. Good luck wit the editing.


    1. Thanks Lorri! I don’t know, it could just be point work, fixing and reinforcing, but there’s been a new trend of adding modern hideousness to lovely old brownstones. 😦


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