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English: A bearded lady from P.T. Barnum's cir...

English: A bearded lady from P.T. Barnum’s circus. This is from an article about Barnum in a Russian magazine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are we done arguing about whether or not there are gender differences?  Really, we’re different. Exceptions in the various ways in specific people, and yes, yes, we’re equally valuable, but different.

Some of these differences are cultural. Others just seem to be hard wired, in the genes, evident in prepubescents. I’d like to explore one of those differences today.

Mission 24 - Empty

Mission 24 – Empty (Photo credit: Jessia Hime)

Men are unable to replace a roll of toilet paper. I’m not even talking about hanging it from the roller, and won’t begin to touch which is the correct way for the paper to hang. Just taking out a new roll.

I realize women use toilet paper more frequently than men. But they use it. If I go into the bathroom and there’s no toilet paper, I bring in a new roll. If I’m leaving the bathroom and have used the last of the toilet paper, I get a new roll. If I’m in the living room on my computer and hear a masculine call from the bathroom, I get a new roll.

My father was ahead of his time, did a lot of the traditionally “female” jobs around the house. But never once did I see him replace the toilet paper. Maybe my parents aren’t such a great example, though. My mother had a thing about not having garbage in the house. Ever. Of any type. So many times I saw her remove the last twenty or so sheets of toilet paper and flush them just so she could replace it with a puffy and linty new roll. I know this because I watched, always hoping to see her pull out a package of pink toilet paper. Or blue, but the bathroom was pink, so pink would have made more sense.  If you’re young, you don’t know that toilet paper used to be available in colors (scented too, but that’s another story).  No, it was always white. Cheaper, and my father was a Depression baby who did the shopping–he would drive 3 miles each way for a store honoring double coupons. This is remarkable because there was a grocery store and two drug stores within a three block radius of where we lived. Driving three miles, he passed at least 9 other options.

Husband never replaces the roll. Nor does Man Child or Nerd Child. Flower Child, however, will.  She’ll even take the extra 10 minutes to hang it.

Maybe if I could find colored toilet paper, the males of the house would be inspired to replace it.

1970's Bathroom Suite

1970’s Bathroom Suite (Photo credit: libertygrace0)


  1. I always replace the TP correctly- over the top being correct and that point is NOT negotiable. This discussion really does not apply to me, but as we know I am the worlds only perfect man.


      1. Be still my heart! I was about to thank Mrs Richie for training you so well–and then demand you divorce her to become Mrs Fringe’s, but alas, you hang the toilet paper incorrectly. 😉
        ((((Thank you)))) for being richie ❤


  2. I have another example to prove the rule. Hubby replaces the rolls as much if not more than me and likes it hung just so. ” Do you really want to wipe shit all over the wall trying to get the loose end?! well do you? I was asked once, which is quite unlike him to be so brutally vulgar and assertive. The jury is still out on the kids, well i know Amy doesn’t. Jake can’t reach yet 🙂


  3. Gah… I usually steer clear of gender-bomb posts, but I gotta chime in here…

    I am quite capable of changing the TP roll, but personally, I find it to be a pain in the a$$ (no pun intended) to have the roll anchored to the wall. I’d much rather hold it in one hand, and wrap the other, rather than have to pull, collect, pull, collect, etc.

    In this house, it’s actually more common for me to find out the paper is missing and wasn’t replaced than it is for anyone else… And I’m the only guy here.


    1. LOL, I’m glad you did chime in, all voices are welcome 🙂 Besides, from the comments, it looks like my oh so scientific generalization based on my experiences is in the minority. 😉
      “Husband, you have some ‘splainin to do!” 😀


  4. If I didn’t know for sure that we live on different continents I could swear that we share a husband.
    I wouldn’t mind so much, I am actually looking for someone to take over half of the ironing… (no, he doesn’t do that either) 😀


  5. I’ll have to send my hubby round there then, as he’s the one who – at least 95% of the time – replaces the toilet roll in our house. Me – I’m lazy. I see the bog roll and think “oh… I’ll do it later. Maybe.”


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