No Words

There are no words for this morning’s tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.  No words, but I want to howl.

Senseless. It made no sense two hours ago, it will make no sense two hours from now, it will make no sense two years from now.

At least 18 children slaughtered, at least 8 more adults who devoted their lives to service for these children, for the community, slaughtered.

There can not be an answer.  I don’t care what the talking heads say tonight, tomorrow, next week.

Maybe if I waited to post, I would have more coherent thoughts. I don’t think so. Only this howl.

My heart is breaking for all of those involved.

Flower field

Flower field (Photo credit: CaptSpaulding)


  1. So painful. I cant even begin to imagine the grief those parents are feeling. HOw can anyone even handle that. You send your world to a place that’s supposed to be safe, only for some yahoo to come along and take that world away from you, instantly, oh God!


  2. I’ve just been beyond sickened by this all day. This town is only a few miles from us. That these kind of people are out there that can inflict this horror, especially on innocent children… It’s just horrifying.


    1. There have always been grotesque moments in our history, and I imagine there always will be, but it seems to me there are some that should be off the table at this point in our society, and this is one of them. I’m crying for these children, their families, the teachers and their families, our world. 😦


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