And the Shnozberries Taste Like Shnozberries

Oh, that Mrs Fringe is so immature!

And excited by dumb things.  Like the fact that everything is continuing to grow in my little shop of horrors terrace garden.

The lavender is far from flowering, but if you touch the plants, your fingers smell like lavender.  If you put your face to the container overcrowded with chamomile plants/flowers, it smells like chamomile!

Dumb, but a gen-you-ine small thrill to this old city gal.

Random photos for my Fringelings while I’m cooking the week’s doggie gumbo.


  1. No! NOT dumb, not dumb at all. I am so glad you’re having some garden time. When I worked as a gardener, I used to make sure my clients knew that a key step in garden maintenance is simply taking time to appreciate the plants. People forget this a lot. But the plants, they know.

    So, no, not dumb. Smart.



    1. Isn’t the bunny tail cool? I don’t know that I’ve ever seen them before, but when Flower Child and I saw the seed packet, we had to try 🙂

      As you can see, the super moon wasn’t all that super in the city. 😉


    1. Bloomberg should blow me. I realize he runs NY like his own personal fiefdom, it’s time for him to realize it isn’t.
      Ridiculous, to say the least.
      There was a small number of people in my building who were composting for the backyard a couple of years ago. Surprise, surprise, they had to stop because it attracted too many rats.


  2. Might you be moving to the “Garden State” soon? You being the creative sort, you might be asked to come up with a better state slogan also…”Well, You Got to Live Somewhere,”…or, “Yeah, What Choo Lookin’ At?” You’re curve just rises and rises, as your talents and fame become more well known to the lesser worlds of us non-islanders. I am humbled. Trying to hang onto the rim of a tilted world as I try to live up to your example.


    1. Coyotero! So happy to see you check in 🙂

      Surely you jest (and I’ll damned well call you Shirley!).
      The Garden State? I don’t think so. The nice areas are well out of budget, anything else there? might as well stay here. Nope, I want property to indulge all my wacky impulses privately. 😀


      1. Does “whacky impulses” have the same implications with women as it does with men? We can’t all go blind. I was just joking…I’d make a special trip to save you from any contact with the Garden State…I went through there at night, and upon arrival at the P.A.T. I thought that was a beautiful place to sleep, call home, or abuse my – never mind.


        1. A lady never whacks and tells.
          Or something 😉
          I visit NJ to see the kids’ godparents and shop. /Garden State excursions. Hell, even Gandolfini’s funeral was here in NY. 😀


  3. I love it- and yes, taking the time to simply appreciate what you’ve grown is vital. 🙂

    Pigeons eat flowers? yikes. Well, I’ll just put them right next to voles on my varmint hit list.

    My rosemary and basil smells so good right now.


      1. I’m no gardener. I went in with a friend to plug some mushroom logs, they are simple, they just have to be watered. When she delivered my logs she saw the huge ditch in my yard and brought me heirloom tomatoes that she started from seed. I feel like I would be letting her down if I didn’t take good care of them – these are my first tomatoes. I can see why people get the gardening bug, it’s so fascinating to watch something grow from seed.


        1. Isn’t it? I definitely feel a difference having started these plants from seed this year. Next year I’ll try to do better with planning/choosing. I’m wishing you the best with your tomatoes.


          1. My friend who started the tomatoes assures me I can save some seeds from this crop to start next year’s so I’m excited to try it. It is very fulfilling, isn’t it?


          2. It is. I can’t wait until I can pull a carrot.

            (well, ok, I already did a couple of weeks ago, but it was too soon, and I pulled it because I didn’t remember what it was) lalalalalala


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