Comma Coma

Like a gazillion little commas.

Like a gazillion little commas.

Since finishing the draft of Astonishing, I’ve been worthless.  Seriously, it sucked it all out of me.  I know there is editing to do, revising to do, but I’ve yet to even sit and do a read through.  And there is always editing/revisions to be done.  If nothing else (ha!) I’ve got to address those pesky commas.

They know I adore them, know I won’t notice until later, so they sneak in, get fruitful and multiply between the pages of text.  Each one a little love note to my fevered writing brain, slow down and think.  Some say our mutual love is unnatural, I say we’re misunderstood.  I want to keep each and every one, stop trying to get between us!  Unless you’re an agent with interest and publishers in mind in which case ptooey i will stomp out those little marks like roaches revise the text into one long stream of consciousness

My love of this pedestrian punctuation is so great, Man Child penned an ode to us:


There are others who would like to get between my love and I, citing disdain for my little Oxfordian friend, who toss around slanderous words like redundancy.  Jealous, they’re all just jealous, wishing they had the freedom of intimacy, the long history we share.

If you couldn’t tell from my ramblings, my sleep has been a bit off for the past few days.  Friday night I was snoring by 9:30.  Unfortunately that left me wide awake at 3:30 Saturday morning.  I thought by last night, I would be able to not only get a normal night’s sleep, I would get to sleep in this morning–MLK day, Flower Child has no school.  And then I could be productive today, do my read through, maybe even make notes for when I’m ready to begin revisions.  But no, my phone rang at 5:30.  “Hello.  Hello!”  No one there.  Crap.  Then I had to pee.  Double crap.  Once I get up, I’m up, doesn’t matter if I had 2 hours or 8 hours of sleep.  For the record, it wasn’t the phone ringing, it was my alarm.  I forgot to turn it off, it’s set to go off automatically on weekday mornings.

Maybe I will be able to read through today.  Maybe not.  I’ve been thinking this could be the perfect opportunity to get back to a regular Yoga routine.  It would be, if I didn’t have the motivation of a slug.

One of the things I like about waking early is seeing the sun rise.  My apartment faces east, a beautiful way to have my first (or second) cup of coffee, on the terrace.  I’ll share today’s.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Looks like a promise of a good day, no?

Looks like a promise of a good day, no?


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