Breaking News: Cold in NY, in January

Yeah, I know, this is more than the usual cold.  Pretty sure the meteorological term is fucking freezing.  Or en español,  frio con cojones.  But first it was strangely warm, and we saw a spectacular sunset as the temperature plummeted yesterday evening.

The view facing east, sun reflecting off of the buildings.

The view facing east, sun reflecting off of the buildings.

This being NY, nothing stops for weather (-12 windchill be damned) so it was school and business as usual today.  I had an appointment that I expected to take about an hour.

Bring on the leeches!

Bring on the leeches!

After a quick consult, I was sent to the lab.  Except the usual lab was closed for renovations, so I had to bundle up and head outside to walk closer to the river, and then register to wait.  To register insurance info.  And then wait for a broken printer which wasn’t fixed.  And then register for the actual lab part of the lab.  And then wait.  And wait.  Free entertainment, something broke on an upper floor causing flooding, and I was treated to an hour of alarms and flashing lights.  This is a hospital and lab that is crazy crowded under the best of circumstances.  Add in sub freezing temps outside (lots of accidents, illnesses, and people just looking for anything that will get them out of the cold), the second lab of the hospital being closed, and chaos on another floor, and well.  Sigh.

I’ll admit, met a nice bunch of folks all talking about (surprise!) the weather.  One reminded me of one of my mother’s friends, very elegant older woman there with her daughter for pre-op fun.  I started to worry that I wouldn’t make it home on time to pick up Flower Child.  I said this out loud (why?) and the group prodded me to go into the lab and tell them.  When the lab tech came out and called my name, I stood up and this small group cheered for me.  Not kidding.  NY is never more wonderful than when faced with a challenge/crisis–be it natural or manmade.

I felt worst for the phlebotomist, the inner rooms of the lab were so cold, my hand was literally blue as she took my blood.  I was only in there for five minutes, I can’t imagine how that woman was keeping her hand steady in the middle of an 8 or 12 hour shift.  Thank you! After a mere four hours, I was on my way to the subway.

The show might go on, but the streets are strangely empty today.  No one is loitering outside, everyone is bundled up and hurrying to be indoors.  The streets along the hospital are usually lined with panhandlers/homeless.  I didn’t see one today, and I’m glad, it means they’re all inside somewhere.  Even the pigeons are suspiciously absent.

IMG_0279 IMG_0282 IMG_0283


Just about everyone is as bundled as they can be and still navigate the steps down to the station.  I saw two exceptions.  One, a woman running to the train this morning in a short skirt and heels, no tights at all.  Umm, honey, I know bare legs are awesome, but no one was admiring your daring.  And another on the train, sure she was cute in her short peacoat and no hat.  Young women always look good.  But psst,

you would have looked just as cute in boots.  At least put a pair of socks on.

you would have looked just as cute in boots. At least put a pair of socks on.

I took note of the empty benches in the street and waiting for the light to change when I noticed this:

Sometimes I really don't want to know.

Sometimes I really don’t want to know.

I’m just ready to be done for the day, and join Big Senile Dog on his tempurpedic.

Warm and cozy.

Warm and cozy.





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    1. Tee hee, you noticed! My plan is to keep a mix of my own and stock, but I’d like to do more of my own. I’m having fun with it 😀

      Your friends will be fine, this is the winter of bizarre weather, we’ll be up to 50 by Saturday.


  1. Yes when I see people out in the freezing cold in short skirts and bare legs I think do they have no common sense or do they not feel the cold really I don’t get it, oh yeah and we don’t have freezing cold weather here it just doesn’t get that cold.


    1. I’m glad you don’t have to deal with the freezing cold. This has been a strange cold snap though, I heard it was under 10* in the South this morning.

      And yes, I agree on the common sense!


  2. Great photos. Isn’t,t it weird that it doesn’t’ look cold, that it’s so sunny yet it’s like a refrigerator? Your pics caught the sunlight. Loved the pic of the yellow boot.


  3. I’m told that yesterday Calgary was one of the warmest places in North America… weird temperatures. On another note, I’m little confused as to how my bra ended up on a NYC Street!


      1. Diana, you mean you were never running through the streets of a busy city and decided that, at that moment the bra had to come off? Me either. I have in my house though. I am quite good bra removal without taking off the top(I have2 boys), I could probably do it if I had to, just sayin’ Mrs fringe maybe there could be a whole post about this 😉


  4. I wasn’t prepared for the opening, I almost spit out my tea 😉 and now I need to know WHERE DO THE PIGEONS GO?? this may haunt me.!! How could you leave me thinking like this? New Yorkers are fabulous, I dont care what anyone else thinks. and about the bra, WTF! Thanks for another entertaining post. I am ignoring the no socks but I love the yellow boots, so cute. The top photo is my favorite!!


    1. I know at least 6 are roosting on my neighbor’s terrace. 😀
      I was actually set to cross the street when I noticed the bra, just HAD to take a photo. Cause, yanno, fringe 😉

      I love the top one too, wish I had been able to get it a bit sharper.

      Thank YOU for reading and joining in 🙂


  5. Oh, that’s adorable. Not the part about you waiting for health care. That blows. But the weather woes…cute as fark. You make me giggle.


    1. I know, I know, you’re buried up to your scalp in snow and lower temps than I can imagine.

      I thought of everyone in the colder regions as I was complaining, and yet, that didn’t make me any warmer. *shrugs*

      Stay warm, I hope you get a break soon!
      😀 ❤


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