Carb Coma

Breakfast for lunch!!! Mangu, queso frito, sal...

Breakfast for lunch!!! Mangu, queso frito, salchichon, y juevos #dominican #breakfast #lunch #foodporn (Photo credit: pics)

Husband and I went out for breakfast this morning.  There’s a local Dominican restaurant with the best (and best priced) coffee in the city a few blocks away, and there’s nothing like a big plate of yuca con cebolla–cassava with sweet red onions and vinegar–for comfort food.  It won’t even hit my large intestine until tomorrow, but hey.

Now I feel physically the way I’ve been feeling mentally; overly stuffed, and unable to even look at more food or another word of fiction, until I can process what I’ve already taken in.

Husband asked if I got a lot of writing done yesterday.  Nope, not a word.  Not the day before or the week before either.  I’m in overload, not to be confused with overdrive.  Not writer’s block,  just a pause.


Ink (Photo credit: heidarewitsch)

Sure, there’s that little voice in my head telling me I should be writing.  I’m telling that little voice to shut up.  There are certain perks to being forty thousand years old and having written off and on for much of that time.  I know better, know when to stop giving the voice an ear.  Uncertainty about what I’ve produced?  That’s forever.  But I know I will write again, taking a break can be a break without the ceremonial gnashing of teeth and wailing that I’ll never write again .

Six weeks ago I was bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t retreat from the world and do nothing but write for a month.  I was on a roll, and knew that inevitably real life would interfere.  And so it did.  Cycles.  Life will settle again, I will settle again, and then I’ll find myself muttering and clicking over Astonishing again.



  1. BT Overdrive now that’s a blast from the past. I went into blogging to make me write again. Now i only blog. So that’s not good. And then there’s life. Just off to the hospital for the third time today – Daughter #1 now without an appendix.


    1. Yikes! I hope Daughter #1 heals quickly and life calms back down, Mrs C. ❤

      I also began blogging as a way to get myself writing again, while also giving myself a "safe space."

      It did work for me, but it isn't magical, I'm still a writer who sometimes needs breaks. 🙂

      Hope you enjoyed the blast of BTO 😉


          1. It’s the reversion to childhood that’s got me worried. She’s just text for jelly! oh what do you call jelly? it’s not jam. it’s a desert that sorta’ goes with ice cream at kids’ birthday parties.


  2. I could take a lesson from this post. I’m not very good at giving myself breaks. Well, that’s not so true of my fiction writing, but it’s definitely true of the freelance writing that brings in the bucks.


  3. YES! It’s good to tell that “You should be writing” voice to shut up. Sometimes things just need to, well, marinade. Writing definitely comes in cycles (in my experience, anyway).


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