You know those friendships.  We all have them.  Pick-up friendships.  The people you don’t see, or don’t speak to, or don’t see an email/post from for months and months, and then when you do it’s like you saw them last week and it feels so…good.  They are the sweetness in life that leave us smiling, seemingly small but full blessings within the frustrations and drudgery of day to day life.

I saw one of those friends this evening, Honor, and in fact I think it was from him that I first heard the expression, of friendships being like a game of pick-up basketball you find on the public playgrounds of the city.  Just walk onto the court and start playing.  He was a teacher of Man Child’s years ago, and over the years became a friend to Man Child, a friend to all of us.  I call him Honor because he is one of those rare people who lives his principles, always kind, always thoughtful.  He was raised by a mother who believes you never show up at someone’s house empty handed.  Old fashioned?  Yup.  Unnecessary?  Absolutely.  And completely lovely.

A frigid, snowy night.  Could there be a more perfect gift?

A frigid, snowy night. Could there be a more perfect gift?

After a little catching up, Honor, Man Child, and Miss Music left to go out for dinner.  They went to a local restaurant that’s about to close.  Priced out of the neighborhood after more than thirty years.  Oh New York.  I’m sorry I won’t get the opportunity to go in before they’re gone, but I didn’t realize they were closing in time to plan.  Ah well.

I didn’t get to have my favorite sandwich one last time, but Flower Child and I were treated to our favorite live music.

Thank you, Nerd Child!

Thank you, Nerd Child!

Now all is quiet.  I’m just watching the snow coming down, waiting to hear if the public schools will be closed tomorrow.   Thinking about the WIP, turning a few ideas over in my mind.  Tomorrow I write.  And continue avoiding the mirrors, I got my hair cut today.  Blech.

It's coming down hard and fast, a snow day is feeling possible.

It’s coming down hard and fast, a snow day is feeling possible.




  1. I know exactly what you mean by that type of friendship! It’s a friendship that just is…no need to worry that it will end…and when we get together again, it’s like we never parted. A beautiful snowy morning here as well.
    Diana xo


  2. That looks like some good hot chocolate!

    My best friend from college is like that. However long it’s been, when we’re together again, we’re together again. It’s pretty awesome.


    1. LOL! We actually didn’t get too much snow in Manhattan, I think like 7 inches, but it was nasty throughout the night.

      I will send it elsewhere, now get someone to send me summer!


  3. MY hubby and I spent time with a couple that we have know for decades during the holiday season. It does not matter how many week, months or ever years we are apart we just pick up where we left off. I think of these as special kinds of friendships that defy the passage of time and changes in circumstances and transcend all others are precious.


    1. Yes! “Friendships that defy the passage of time…” is the perfect way to phrase this. These friends are truly invaluable, no matter how/when they came into our lives.



  4. I love those effortless friendships. I have a couple back home in my hometown. Where we meet up doesn’t matter – we just pick up where we left off. I like that term.


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