Off With Her Head!

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts (Photo credit: Ana Kelston)


Please and thank you.  If you aren’t in the US, or in the northeast of it, we’re gearing up for a blizzard.  As of this moment, it’s a snow/sleet/rain mix here in the city, the blizzard conditions will start later this evening.  Gross, but the bonus is that the jackhammers are quiet for today.

I had a meeting at Flower Child’s school this morning.  It went very well, assistive technology has come through, thanks to her fabulous team this year.  We needed this to go well on several levels, it’s been a rough week for her; her good streak ended.  Good news though, right?  I come home and think I still have plenty of time to write before it’s pickup time.  In peace and quiet.  Ahhh. For about a minute.

English: Hammer drill

English: Hammer drill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What’s this, you ask?  Well, it’s the hammer drill being used right above my freakin head in the apartment above mine.  If you listen carefully, you’ll hear my sobs providing the rhythm for the bass of the drill.  The walls in my building are concrete.  No, I’m not confused, I am referring to interior walls, so any holes need to be made with a serious, loud, powerful tool.

This week has been, well, life, I guess.  My father in law passed away, which was expected, and I’m glad his pain is over, but still very sad.  He was an absolutely lovely man who was well known and liked in the community and loved by his family.  For the past few days I’ve been hearing his distinctive whistle in my head.  When Nerd Child was a little guy, and my f-i-l was passing our building, he would stop and whistle up, “Coquito!”  Nerd Child would stop whatever he was doing and run to the window, throwing whatever he had been holding down to the street.  Those child safety bars only prevent an actual child from passing through them, not the paraphernalia that accompanies children.  Good thing the man always wore a hat, or his head would surely have been dented by a lego more than once.  He had a distinctive smile, the kind that let you know where the phrase “ear to ear grin” comes from.  It’s a warm fuzzy to say Flower Child inherited his smile.

I did write this week, though nowhere near the word count I intended.  It is what it is, maybe the coming week will be a bit more steady.

How was your week?


    1. Hey what happened? I had a chunk of post inbetween the beginning and end that somehow disappeared. :/ your tribute to FIL was lovely, and it’s a wonderful thing that a bit of him will live on in FC’s smile.

      I’m sorry her good streak is over, but happy to see her meeting went well and she now has what she needs! I hope that will help make her difficult days a bit more bearable. Assistive technology- the things we never even heard of once upon a time, eh? :/

      Ok there was more and I forgot it. 😉


      1. Weird, I didn’t even realize anything was missing, lol. The whole sleep deficit thing…

        Yes, adaptive tech is miraculous, and will be helpful in so many ways. BTW, the first thing she did was show the OT the pic from your Empress. ❤


  1. Sorry to hear about your father in law. The storm you speak of is hitting eastern Canada too. Thankfully I’m out west where we’ve been having a sunny chinooky warm spell. To be fair warm in Canadian winters means in the mid 40’s!


  2. So sorry to hear about your FIL – what a sweet memory of him with your son. It’s got to be hard writing when you’re going through something like that. The hammer drill can’t help much either. Stay warm. The storm sounds like a doozy.


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