Hey Foureyes!

When I bought them they were cool. Fashionable, even ;)

When I bought them they were cool. Fashionable, even 😉

I wear contacts much more frequently than I wear glasses.  A few reasons for that, not least of which because I see much better in contacts than glasses.  Must be the peripheral vision, I don’t know.  Doesn’t hurt that it’s cheaper to replace contact lenses than glasses.

When I bought those frames I loved them.  For a long time.  Remember, early 2000’s when the teeny tiny frames were in style?  Great for people like me with extreme nearsightedness, combining the small frames and lightweight, thin as they can make them lenses they were almost comfortable.  For a few hours.

Because this is life, and this is life on the Fringe, I had a little accident when throwing garbage away yesterday.  I know there’s a wind tunnel kind of thing in the compactor chute.  At this time of year, every time you open the door, bits of dirt and grit whoosh out.  I know this.  Hell, I even blogged about it here. I turn my face away when I open the chute, but something went horribly wrong and I got a face full of scratchy muck, mysteriously drawn straight to my eyes.  I think the left one just got irritated, the right one, though, extra special.  Something got under the contact, because that eye went straight from oh! to holy shit I think my eyeball is on fire!

If there’s anything I’ve learned from many years of wearing contact lenses, when something goes wrong take them out right away.  I did, and found my glasses.  Which you can see, from the photo above, have had better days.  The finish on the frames has worn off in spots, the protective anti-glare coating is scratched, and there’s a little piece of frame missing from the top–if I move my head too quickly, the left lens pops out.  Excellent.

The prescription on these glasses is two or three levels behind my most current rx.  You look blurry, I look blurry, can I just stay in bed?  I know, I know, I should change the lenses on the glasses when I get new contacts, but glasses are freaking expensive.  And by the last time I got a new scrip, it didn’t even seem worth it unless I was getting new frames, too.  Did I mention this was also my last pair of contacts?  Between the too-weak glasses, the thought of the bill for new glasses, new contacts, the co-pay for the eye doctor and the pain in my eyes, I’ve had a headache for about twenty-four hours now.  Better and better.

I need an eye dr appt, and then I’m going to have to go and replace the contacts and glasses.  For the record, when you have vision as poor as mine, there’s no such thing as glasses in an hour, or contacts that are in stock.  Skip the Tylenol, pass the Excedrin and keep it coming for at least 5 days, please.

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  1. I also MUCH prefer to wear contact lenses. As soon as I was able, that’s what I switched to from glasses (so, in high school). I recently updated my prescription (still tweaking the left contact, unfortunately) but I got a pair of glasses I feel okay about, from Zenni Optical (a China based cheap glasses company). I think my frames were like six bucks, though there are many price brackets.


    1. 🙂 I think I was 12 when I got my first pair of contacts, traumatic and thrilling 😉

      ooh, I’m going to check for frames online, that’s an excellent idea, thanks!


  2. I envy you being able to wear contact lenses. I wore contacts for years and glasses only occasionally. A year or so ago I got the zoster virus in my face and left eye. It left me with partial vision in that eye which is now too sensitive for contacts. I HATE wearing glasses. Their only benefit is that I can fall asleep in them without drying out my eyes, something I had a habit of doing late in the day when I wore contacts.


    1. 😦 I’m so sorry you can’t wear contacts anymore. That virus sounds frightening. I’m always thankful we can at least get “thinner” lenses in the glasses–though at my rx, they aren’t quite thin.


  3. Aww so sorry to hear that Mrs. F! Seems to me that they should come up with a safer way for folks to dispose of their trash though. Just because it serves a purpose doesn’t mean it is safe. What if a kid is taking out the garbage??? egads!
    Diana xo


  4. This is my worst nightmare: having to wear my glasses in front of strangers. The only people who ever see me wearing them are either: married to me, or have been given birth to by me, or have given birth to me ( and yes there is only one person in each category).


    1. LOL, I’m better than I used to be, since they started making the thinner lenses–but yes! I completely relate to what you’re saying.
      It’s going to be an anxious, headache-y week waiting for the new contacts to be delivered. 🙂


  5. Ouch~ I can’t wear contacts, I am always at my eyes due to allergies. I wear glasses when I drive and now I have been using reading glasses. Its the lenses that are so expensive! take a look at coastal.com, they give you your first pr of frames free if you know your prescrip, i just pd a little extra for the coating, they lasted me pretty long and the frames were decent. I know a lot of people who used them.


  6. Hey sweetie (yes, I’m back). I feel ya. Never wore contacts, but I’d love to one day…probably tinted in a really cool, alien-like color just to make people mumble “what the hell is that?” when I nod a greeting. Fun times, fun times. Glasses, though, do suck. The second they scratch, the headaches start. No good. Can’t afford to replace. So, it’s either live with blurry spots and headaches, or pretend the person 10 feet ahead of you at WalMart doesn’t have an extra head. Exactly. Good luck, babes.


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