Hey Foureyes!

When I bought them they were cool. Fashionable, even ;)

When I bought them they were cool. Fashionable, even ūüėČ

I wear contacts much more frequently than I wear glasses. ¬†A few reasons for that, not least of which because I see much better in contacts than glasses. ¬†Must be the peripheral vision, I don’t know. ¬†Doesn’t hurt that it’s cheaper to replace contact lenses than glasses.

When I bought those frames I loved them. ¬†For a long time. ¬†Remember, early 2000’s when the teeny tiny frames were in style? ¬†Great for people like me with extreme nearsightedness, combining the small frames and lightweight, thin as they can make them lenses they were almost comfortable. ¬†For a few hours.

Because this is life, and this is life on the Fringe, I had a little accident when throwing garbage away yesterday. ¬†I know there’s a wind tunnel kind of thing in the compactor chute. ¬†At this time of year, every time you open the door, bits of dirt and grit whoosh out. ¬†I know this. ¬†Hell, I even blogged about it here.¬†I turn my face away when I open the chute, but something went horribly wrong and I got a face full of scratchy muck, mysteriously drawn straight to my eyes. ¬†I think the left one just got irritated, the right one, though, extra special. ¬†Something got under the contact, because that eye went straight from oh! to holy shit I think my eyeball is on fire!

If there’s anything I’ve learned from many years of wearing contact lenses, when something goes wrong take them out right away. ¬†I did, and found my glasses. ¬†Which you can see, from the photo above, have had better days. ¬†The finish on the frames has worn off in spots, the protective anti-glare coating is scratched, and there’s a little piece of frame missing from the top–if I move my head too quickly, the left lens pops out. ¬†Excellent.

The prescription on these glasses is two or three levels behind my most current rx. ¬†You look blurry, I look blurry, can I just stay in bed? ¬†I know, I know, I should change the lenses on the glasses when I get new contacts, but glasses are freaking expensive. ¬†And by the last time I got a new scrip, it didn’t even seem worth it unless I was getting new frames, too. ¬†Did I mention this was also my last pair of contacts? ¬†Between the too-weak glasses, the thought of the bill for new glasses, new contacts, the co-pay for the eye doctor and the pain in my eyes, I’ve had a headache for about twenty-four hours now. ¬†Better and better.

I need an eye dr appt, and then I’m going to have to go and replace the contacts and glasses. ¬†For the record, when you have vision as poor as mine, there’s no such thing as glasses in an hour, or contacts that are in stock. ¬†Skip the Tylenol, pass the Excedrin and keep it coming for at least 5 days, please.

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