Lost in Space

Lost in the space

Lost in the space (Photo credit: JimmyMac210)

Feeling kinda


Betwixt and between.


I’m trying to decide what to work on next, while I begin the process of querying.  I have to be working on something, because querying without another project to focus on is a certain design plan that leads to a very fitted white jacket.  Nicely accessorized with padded walls, but really, I’d prefer something loose and flowing right now.  I could go back to the WIP that’s been frying brain cells for years already.  I could begin something completely new.  I’ve got an idea for a character, but no plot.  This is new for me.  Usually by the time I’m at or near the end of a project, and I’ve been writing regularly, the first portion of the next project seems to write itself, because it’s been brewing.  Not this time.  I’m not blocked, just unsure of which direction I want to take.



betwixt (Photo credit: Daniel*1977)

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to do some reading.  In doing so, I’ve discovered a fundamental truth about Mrs Fringe has changed.  I don’t remember not knowing how to read, I don’t remember not loving to read, and I’ve always been a trope of a bookworm.  Sure I had books I liked, books I loved, books I raced to finish because I didn’t enjoy them, but I read them.  I would read anything, and finish it.  If I had nothing new to read, I would reread; hell, I remember my mother yelling at me because I was standing in the refrigerator, reading the labels on the condiments.


I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been broke for long enough that I’ve adjusted to not having things to read, or because of my period earlier this year of not being able to lose myself in a novel, but it has changed.  I’ve picked up at least three books in the past few months that I didn’t enjoy, and I didn’t finish them.  How does this happen?  Something so much a part of me, how others see me and how I define myself, no longer true.


I’ve also read several books I liked, and a couple that I loved.  But now that I’m feeling this whole whichwaydoIgo in terms of writing, I wonder if the two are connected.  I wonder if Heinz is still running that write-our-slogan campaign.


A gruesome accident

A gruesome accident (Photo credit: KateMonkey)






  1. Yep. I have gone through a very similar transformation. I went from “voracious reader, never met a book I wouldn’t finish” to ” why are all these books so damn boring all of a sudden?” At this point, though, I am recovering from that slump and reading more again, but it is the rare book that captures me totally as so many used to.

    When you find something you enjoy reading, do tell what it is! I am always on the lookout for a good read. LOL!


  2. I don’t have the attention span I used to for some books but have found when I do read I want to be absorbed. I want the book to take me deep (as in, away from my life, I suspect) and I like big long series even if they take me forever to get through.

    Some reader program I have- or was it a facebook post by a friend? recommended Outlander to me. Kindle had the entire massive series on sale one day so I made an impulse purchase and got the whole thing. Historical fiction set in the 1700s… well, mostly. There are some bizarre twists that I haven’t decided yet if they are completely unbelievable will work in a sci-fi kinda way and some period-appropriate but icky behavior.

    I finally read the last book in the Earth’s Children series and it kinda drove me batty. I think it left a lot of strands of the story unfinished but hey, spend 300 pages (not exaggerating… much) describing animals in caves…


    1. Heh, I don’t know why I didn’t see this post earlier. I think you’re onto something, when I read now, I want/need it to really take me away. I don’t usually love series, but I do love to find an author who’s already got several books out. 🙂


  3. I used to have a need to finish anything I started reading, even if it was a cereal box label – but these days time is to precious to spend completing something for the sake of completion. If I read something I want to get lost in it, not trudge through it – I want reading to be a pleasure, not a burden.


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