Braggage: Warning, Sap Ahead

No Whining

No Whining (Photo credit: bepositivelyfit)

I do quite a bit of whining here, if you hadn’t noticed.  I happily tell you I’ve got plenty to whine about.  It’s a life, like anyone else’s, and I’ve got a few bright spots too.  The beauty of a novel that makes me cry because I’ll never write anything as masterful, getting to know a new friend, writing a story, a scene, a sentence I’m proud of, the mango I cut open this morning that was absolutely perfect.

But most braggage centers around my children.  I’m broke, overcrowded, overtired and frustrated, but in so many ways I hit the lottery when it comes to my kids.  They’re good people, all three of them.

Man Child isn’t coming home for the summer. I miss him like crazy, but he has a wonderful job opportunity–one that came from his hard work. the good impression he makes on others, and the fact that he has proven himself to be trustworthy and a hard worker.

Nerd Child comes home next week.  I’m a lot more excited about this than he is.  The fancy shmancy school he attends has turned out to be a perfect fit for him.  Yesterday he called and told me he won an award for character and leadership.


Earth (Photo credit: tonynetone)

Flower Child couldn’t be sweeter than she is.  She cares about the world and all of the people in it, honestly confused as to why people ever do harmful things to each other and the earth.

I woke up thinking about this stuff, feeling okay.  Summer has arrived here in NY, ooh, bliss of a comfy old summer dress and flip flops.  I even decided to spend a few hours pretending if I spent long enough Googling, I’d figure out how we’d be able to move to a beach town where we could afford a house, find employment, and have good health care for Flower Child.

Lily Tomlin

Lily Tomlin (Photo credit: Larry He’s So Fine)

Instead of knock knock, my reality announces itself with a ring.  First, my pharmacist called.  Yes indeed, we have a close enough relationship that he called to say hey Mrs F, it’s Pharmacist, I’ve got a Led Zeppelin CD here for you that you and Husband are going to love.  Ring ring, hi Mrs Fringe, it’s pediatrician’s office, the second round of paperwork for Nerd Child’s summer program is here for you to pick up.  Yah, great, thank you so much, I’ll be there.  First I’m going to try to finish the edits I’ve been trying to get through. Ring ring, Mrs Fringe?  This is super special futuristic lab doing the next round of genetic testing the puzzle doctor ordered, we need your credit card information before we start running any of the tests.  Fringelings, I can’t tell you how I love hearing other writers smugly announce that if writing is truly important to you, you can and do make time every day.  Ring ring, Mrs Fringe, this is Puzzle Doctor’s office to confirm Flower Child’s appointment for next week.  That appointment was canceled.  No, you’re still on the schedule.  It was supposed to be canceled.  Well, we’ll have to speak with Puzzle Dr assistant and find out, I’ll call you back, ok, Mrs F?  Sure.

Flower Child wasn’t feeling well this afternoon/evening.   Not feeling well in a way that makes me nervous, but not a crisis.  I was supposed to meet Fatigue, Husband was home, I was only going across the street for an hour…so I did. The day started out so promising, damn it–I wanted that feeling back!  If you were wondering, the nectar of the gods is a cold glass of gin and lemonade.  Until the stranger sitting next to you begins eating your french fries.  Then it’s just time to give up.  It’s a life, and tomorrow is another day.


  1. I love this song! And I love the blues! He opened a Blues bar in Louisville, if you’re ever out that way you should check it out. I’ve been there twice and loved it! The US has better blues than we get up here. ;(

    Your family sounds close and I love how you love each other and are there for each other!


    1. 😀 Looove the blues! And yes, the blues is something we do pretty well here in the US 😉

      Thanks Diana, yup, we’re pretty tight. Makes it hard to watch my boys be so independent, but it also makes me so happy as I see them open those doors of opportunity!


  2. I with you each and every twist and chicane although mine’s a G and T (lime not lemon). I also lead a deep fantasy life where I purchase property in places other than my ‘burb. Dream time.


  3. Y’know, one of the reasons I love you is that you share such a complete picture of your life–the joys, the struggles and the pain in the ass stuff that so many of us carry around and never discuss (for fear of making people uncomfortable). I’m a big fan of your whining, and I appreciate your reading mine. I just wish we could trade stories in person, over a cold glass of gin and lemonade. ❤


    1. Thank you Moonbeam!
      I feel the same about you. And from the first time I found your blog, I was able to picture us sitting down together over a glass or two. ❤


  4. I love the Blues and I love to sing. Some folks think I sing well but I suffer from paralyzing stage fright. My musician friends put me in the audience and dim the lights and sometimes they cajole me into singing. Love Stevie Ray Vaughn’s music I do and have all of it that I could get my hands on.

    BTW I’m with Moonbeam — whine on!


    1. Thanks Timethief ❤
      There is nothing like the blues, is there? I love to sing, but have a terrible voice. I can relate to stage fright, I think that's why I like writing, I can say all I need to say, be "heard" but never have to be seen. 😉


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