Sana Sana

Juvenile frog with tail

Juvenile frog with tail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sana sana culito de rana

Si no sanas hoy, sanaras manana

For those who are unfamiliar, this is a Spanish rhyme told to children when they get a bump/bruise/small cut.  Loosely translated, “heal, heal, little frog’s ass, if it doesn’t heal today, it will heal tomorrow.”

Does this make sense? I don’t know, but lots of the rhymes and songs we sing to children don’t make any sense if we take them apart (Rock a bye, baby, anyone?) It’s a silly song, intended to distract and comfort with laughter. It always worked for my kiddos, Nerd Child would ask for “sana” instead of asking for a bandaid.  When he began nursery school, that was his concern. What if I get hurt? Who’s going to do sana for me?  We confirmed together that one of the teachers knew the rhyme, and all was well.



Frog+ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lately, it seems to me if my Friday Night Madness buddy is Fatigue, then I am Inertia.  Yanno, that fabulous vaudeville act of the Upper West Side, “Fatigue and Inertia!” “Inertia and Fatigue!”


Vaudeville (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m trying.  I have things, as we all do, that I force myself to do in order to motivate myself and feel better.

I get up and work out every day.  Hell, I’ve done so many jackknives in the past several months it’s confusing to still see the middle aged broad looking back at me from the mirror.

Going to the beach makes me feel better.  I believe I must have an unnamed chemical imbalance, that makes the salt air and salty foods give me a sense of well being.  Nope, it isn’t solely the sun, my Vit D levels are fine, and lakes just don’t give me the same feeling. I try to get to the beach with Flower Child at least once a week during the summer.  It helps her feel better too, part of her disorder makes her unable to sweat or self regulate her temperature, so being able to stay wet, and the (usually) constant breeze off the water is absolute joy for her.

Other things that used to be certain ways to make myself feel centered don’t work consistently anymore, like cooking, or cleaning the bathroom (I never said I wasn’t a quirky gal).  Poor Husband.


I woke up today thinking how lovely it would be for someone to sing Sana to me; maybe then I would find my focus.

What do you do to counteract the blues?