Oh Mama!

This winter is feeling very, very long.  I’ve barely taken my boots off in the last six weeks.

Sure they're ugly, but they're warm and dry.

Sure they’re ugly, but they’re warm and dry.

You know I’m just waiting for beach season, but this morning it occurred to me we’re nowhere near the end of winter.  Blargh.  So I thought about what’s been good.  Writing and editing have been very good.

Continuing to try and capture a sharp from the terrace moon pic…not as good, but getting there.  This was from this morning, somewhere between 5:30 and 6am.

But not bad, getting closer.

But not bad, getting closer.

Flower Child began art classes, excellent.  Man Child has been home, which has been beautiful.  He hasn’t been home for a good length of time since last winter, and I’m thoroughly enjoying having him here.  He helps out, he cooks and bakes (really, really well), and he makes me laugh.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, I like my kids.

Woke to fresh, home baked by Man Child cinnamon rolls the other morning…bliss.

Woke to fresh, home baked by Man Child cinnamon rolls the other morning…bliss.

His goal, for his time at home this winter involved driving.  New York kids aren’t as driving focused as teens in other areas, so it isn’t unusual that he didn’t get a license as soon as the law allowed.  But now it just makes sense, he’s been spending more and more of his time up North, and who knows where he’ll go when he graduates.  So he got his learner’s permit within days of being home, and has been practicing.  If staying up North is a consideration, this was certainly the winter to learn on, plenty of opportunity for finding out about driving in snow and ice.

Today he went to take his road test.  Like any mother, I felt compelled to give last minute words of wisdom.  With a song.




  1. I’ve spent many days in my Sorels as well lately. I am getting pretty weary of the cold. Houses down here aren’t equipped with furnaces like they are up north – our heat pumps are super efficient for cooling and for heating when it’s above 40 – but below zero temps make them work too hard. They can’t keep up. So my house was 58 this morning. The warmest place I have been lately is in my car. I am so ready for Spring 🙂


    1. Oh no!! 58 isn’t nearly warm enough. 😦 Do you have a fireplace? If you do, I would seriously look at putting a wood or pellet stove in, who knows how these winters will keep changing.

      BTW, SO glad to see you back! 🙂 🙂


      1. I do have a fireplace with a wood stove, but it really only heats one room – I’m thinking of sleeping on the couch tonight. I think tonight is supposed to be the last of the really cold nights. I have been forcing heat into the cellar to keep the pipes from freezing and that adds strain.

        It’s good to be back – I have been so crazy at work that I got a little far behind on reading my favorites. I need to get a post out there and get back on the horse.


        1. Interesting, most of the wood stoves I’ve seen/heard of will warm a pretty large area, maybe it’s bc you’re having to send heat down.

          Yup, I’d bring my blankets and pillows and nest on the couch.

          We’ll be here when you’re ready–stay warm! 🙂


          1. My house is really long – open spaces on one end – bedrooms on the other. The wood stove is in the open space and there is just no way to get the heat down the hallway. One day I will get a more efficient insert – of course, it seems silly to spend on one when we typically have a month or less of cold weather and sub zero days are very rare. This has been the coldest winter in about 25 years in the Ozarks – I’m sure that’s the same most places.


  2. just so you know I am drooling on the keyboard as I type, is Manchild for rent? does he ship cinnamon rolls? they look fantastic! I also love the boots! Big difference in city kids and suburban kids, my younger son is already counting the days til he gets his permit. ON LI, they drive the day they are legal. Its nerve wracking!


    1. lol, yup, he’s a keeper. 😀 I ate the last cinnamon roll this morning, so so good!

      Funny, while it’s still nerve wracking, I think it was less so because he’s older. You have a better idea of how they deal with stress and unexpected surprises at 20 than at 16, kwim? 🙂


    1. Wow, you’ve got beach weather! I think, my conversion skills are a little shaky 🙂

      Even if not, I know it’s better than the frigid temps and snow flurries outside my window –Enjoy!


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