Friday Whimper

Remember my last post, focusing on what’s been good?  Fuck that.  Somehow the three days since then have been 83 days in real time.  Just tell me when I can go meet Fatigue for Friday Night Madness.  In fact, I think I might splurge.  Skip the food and just spend all my dollars on a Kwak.  Because it’s delicious and makes me feel special, that’s why.

pauwel kwak

pauwel kwak (Photo credit: [puamelia])

It is Friday, that’s the good news.  Tonight, Fatigue will tell me about his acting class and his singing practice.  He will ask me about writing, and I will tell him about fixing-to-get-ready to query.  Then we will both contemplate, strategize, and ramble about how much is subjective, and analyze the week to find the bright and hopeful spots.  And of course, dog poop.  My beasts, his beasts, and any other beasts we walk.

I will remember that Loehmann’s is going out of business.  This is a big deal to me.  When I shop, I shop the discount stores.  Filene’s is gone, Daffy’s is gone, what’s left?  There’s Century 21, but their stuff is all higher end, so for me I can buy a splurge piece there, not replace my blown-out-in-the-knee jeans.  TJ Maxx, but I rarely find anything in there, and most of what I do isn’t stuff that’s made to last.  Yeah, yeah, I’m cranky today but I feel like this is another nail in the coffin of the working class.  “You’re a peasant, it’s time you dress like one.  How dare you want to wear something that isn’t lycra and polyester?”

And it’s just after the holidays, so it isn’t like I have any money to run in and see what they’ve got before they’re gone.

Goodbye, Loehmann's

Goodbye, Loehmann’s

I'll miss you

I’ll miss you

Together we will moan and groan about the state of the union, the dearth of common sense in politics, and–depending on how far into my beer I am at that point–I will likely rage about this case, which thankfully is over now, but has been weighing heavily on my heart and my mind.  It shouldn’t have been a case at all.  I’ve been wanting to write a post centering on it, but I have to wait until I can think calmly and clearly.  I’ll still be angry (wtf, politicians?  Get your head out of my skirt!) but I want to make sense, whether or not readers agree.

It is warmer today, though I’d prefer that didn’t mean the pigeons were out and bold and noisy.  They are, you know.  They make this obnoxious whirring trilling noise that is the auditory equivalent of their splatter.

So yeah, just hanging in to get to the end of this hideously long week, hoping nothing goes wrong in my house or Fatigue’s to prevent our meeting up tonight.

No shame whatsoever

No shame whatsoever


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  1. I do lurve the idea of some Friday Night Madness but let;s just pop some pills and flag the fatigue. No, I jest of course. I’m trying not to buy anything at the moment and with Mr C away this week I have been most frugal save for the fruit/veg for my new juicer that is. And have had so much more time tending to only myself – writing, reading and watching shit television – yeah. I have no idea where you found the time to write your book. I’ve had to post a submission from my memoir class just to put anything up this week.

    Enjoying your pics – isn’t it liberating clicking everywhere you go? Not too many more pigeons though please. You’ve touched on one of my weak spots.


    1. Could it be? I’ve found a non-NYer pigeon hater? ❤

      Finding the time to write isn't easy, I have to be very disciplined and pretend I'm going to see a paycheck at the end of it. 😀

      Juicer? Do tell. I've been very tempted to get a Vitamix, not exactly a juicer, but you can juice with it.

      Waitaminute, you've had time for yourself? #jealous

      I'm so behind on my blog reading, I will get over to you, hopefully this weekend. ❤


  2. No, Loehmanns, no! A stalwart of a better era. While fast fashion that promotes child labor and stands by as factories collapse and hundreds burn rages ahead. Sorry, am I ranting?


      1. Oh I’m sure they do! We had an Minister of Parliament here who thought it might be a good idea to feed homeless people goose. You know, shoot the Canada goose and cook it up…? She figured 2 birds with one stone… cull the flocks and feed the homeless… only problem is no one is sure how healthy those birds are…


  3. I hate it when stores I love go out of business, because you know I am a cheapskate no I mean I love a bargain, or should that read I love the $2 shop, oh well not important I don’t like know where I was going with that so let’s move on, Friday in this house is one busy and exhausting day……so I am glad today is now Saturday so I can rest and by rest I mean blog and go to the library and watch tv and oh yeah have a nap this afternoon.


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