Summer of…

Rain cloud

Rain cloud (Photo credit: State Farm)

Suckage.  Last year was the Summer of Death.  I’m trying to decide if this is a step up or down.  The weather in New York continues to be strange, we seem to have turned into a depressing morph that combines the frequent rains of the Pacific Northwest with the intensity of storms in the Southeast.  July 3, and there has yet to be a day where I can get to the beach where the weather has cooperated.

We did go to visit with the kids’ godparents the other day.  Man Child met us there with his girlfriend, which was lovely.  Even better, he brought me a super special bonus surprise, my favorite treat.  DSCN2582Don’t judge, they’re delicious and not available in the city.  Not so good, I was in a significant amount of pain by the time we arrived.  Our minivan is no longer reliable for trips over 30 minutes.  We borrowed my in-laws’ car.  Great to have the option, but there’s something about the shape of the seats in that car that doesn’t work with the curve of my spine.  Ouch.

This led us to new-used car shopping in NJ yesterday.  Eventually, my heart will start beating again, and we’ll continue looking. WTF?  Where did the used cars go?  Cars from 2010, 2011, 2012 are still way too pricey.  I am not kidding when I say I saw a truck with 72,000 miles on it for $24,000.  And no, it wasn’t a Cadillac, Lexus, or anything like that.

For bonus pleasure, the weather continued swinging wildly.  We wandered half the lots in pouring rain, the other half blinded by sun reflecting off of wet asphalt and car windshields, a little steam thrown on for good measure.  On our way home, we stopped in one of the Manhattan car places on 11th Avenue, where it took longer to get a salesman to escort us up to where they keep the used cars than it did for us to scout the floor and realize there was nothing in our budget.

Gave up and were greeted by the traditional wildlife of NY summers underground. Oh, this urban jungle.



When I’m walking the beasts on these hot, wet summer nights, I can actually hear their legs skittering on the sidewalk ahead of us, just to illustrate how substantial they are.

I should be writing, I want to be writing, but I can’t get my head into this new character yet.  So I’ve been working on a twitter pitch (I’m calling it a twitch, it only makes sense) for the completed manuscript for an online event next week.  Decided I would make a treat.  Who doesn’t think it’s a good idea to put the oven on when its 99% humidity?  Guava cheese pastries.  Didn’t work out so well.

Perfectly delicious guayaba, wasted.

Perfectly delicious guayaba, wasted.

It’s only been a week, this summer will improve, right? Please?


  1. Wait. What’s wrong with those pastries? They look perfectly yummy to me. Though I agree, putting the oven on in the summer is not usually the best idea.

    As for the rest of it, all I can offer is ((((((((Mrs F)))))))))


    1. Thanks Kyla 🙂
      Looks can be deceiving. 😉 The dough was way too heavy, yuck.
      Maybe I’m just going to put my ear buds in and listen to some Jim Croce, “tomorrow’s gonna be a brighter day”


  2. Dill Pickle Potato chips? really? sorry I judged! 😛 This weather really is for the birds, if even? I can not handle this all summer!! Rain rain GO AWAY! AND the west coast, even Alaska is having a heat wave. Sorry your back is out of wack. Seriously? 72,000 miles for $24,000?? Did you tell him you would trade him swampland in Florida?? These people have nerve!! I may call you at 2am when I am having nightmares about the roaches, thanks for the visual! I think the pastries look quite yummy.


    1. Yes, dill pickle chips, mmmm. 😉
      This weather absolutely sucks! With the humidity up so high, it’s impossible.
      I’m appalled at the cost of used cars in general, and where the hell are the 5 or 6 year old cars?
      Bwahahaha! Now you know my evil plan, to get you to call me! 😀


  3. I will call you!! yea!! I leave Friday for Cancun for 6 days, when I come back we can play a day. Would you like to head out east? we can pretend the weather is going to be gorgeous the rest of the summer!!


      1. Deal!! I hope you like whale sharks otherwise your dream may turn into a nighmare lol, I am crossing something off my bucket list!! I am swimming with whalesharks (ON MY dad’s bday!!) THey are only 30 ft long :O Thomas and Nick are too. I will talk to you when I come back


  4. What do Dill pickle chips taste like………….and don’t say dill pickles…………that is a duh……….statement are they nice or what………….nice looking food and yucky looking creepy crawlies all in one post how lucky are we followers of yours………………lol


    1. lol, I like to keep my fringelings guessing 😉

      It’s a similar taste to salt and vinegar chips, but the vinegar flavor is similar to the vinegar pickles sit in, rather than tasting just like pickles 😀


  5. I had occasion to tell more than one person this week that if I knew I was moving to Seattle, I would’ve actually moved to Seattle (I live in central New York)


  6. warning, i ain’t using capital letters except for “Michigan.” i don’t wanna, that’s why.

    mrs fringe, you are getting a lot of comments, girl. you have a way with woids, anybody ever tell you that? plus i like your taste in chips, although i am partial to salt and vinegars. as for the weather, Michigan’s been weird too. lots of rain. humidity, you should see my hair, like a perpetual frizz ball. like a dandilion head gone to seed. . . as for your twiches and all dat, hey, you do your best and leave it to the fickle finger of fate. nothing ventured, mrs fringe. 🙂


    1. no capital day for kk, done.:)

      thank you ❤ in all honesty, i love this blog, my fringelings, the community i've built and continue to build.

      a lot of people seem to be experiencing weird weather. dandelion gone to seed, huh? sure you aren't my long lost sister? though i usually go with the used q-tip analogy…

      yeah, yeah, i'll pitch, and i'll twitch, and maybe, just maybe, my house of cards won't come tumbling down.


  7. Do you have car trade magazines in the u.s? Called auto trader here sounds like you need to go out to nj or someplace a little less mad on price. There is also a what a used car should cost thing based on year and mileage not on pie in the sky 🙂


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