New Look, Same Old Mrs Fringe

I think I like this theme, what say the fringelings?  

It will take me a while to get the background picture up and make it all homey.  

And by a while, I might mean by tonight, or I might mean not until Nerd Child is home from school to help me.  


  1. You know what? I think I can customize my top pic on my blog too and I’ve never tried. *gasp* You’d think with someone who has a blog with so many photography posts I’d have done that forever ago. If I do it right I’ll tell you how I pulled it off. Ha.


    1. Thanks Diana! We’ll see. You’re supposed to be able to highlight photos for each post, but I’m having so many laptop problems I’m afraid to play with it right now. 😮

      But I WILL figure out getting the blogroll up 🙂


      1. Yes you will! I’ve changed themes twice and one would think that all WordPress themes would have the same options, but they don’t. Some widgets don’t work on other themes for example. I have never been able to figure out the blogroll -ever!


        1. Very odd, how different the options are for the different themes. I’ll figure out what I need to in time 🙂

          I got the blogroll figured out, mostly, but lost the links to people I follow who aren’t WP blogs.


    1. Something like that, but my laptop is making horrible fan grinding sounds when I try to go into my photos today.

      If I were wealthy I’d hire someone to fix it up for me.
      But I’m not, so for now, black and white!


    1. LOL, thanks! I like it, but I’ve still got stuff to figure out, you should see a sample photo for each post…

      And yes, I noticed you’re quite enticing over there on the blogroll 😀


      1. As the WP team they are really helpful. My previous and next arrows were not appearing and Dave (or was it Kevin?) sorted it out for me, matched my colour scheme and reported the snag to the theme developers.
        I am not used to that kind of attention at home.
        That pic of me was taken in Selfridges, a fab-u-lous store in London town.


        1. I might end up having to get help from the WP team, for now, I’m trying to muddle through and figure out what I can on my own. It’s hard to ask for help when I can’t commit to a block of time to work with them 😮

          I love how your blog is laid out, and you look mah-ve-lous! Truly ❤


    1. It was a bit sparser yesterday/earlier today. It took time to get the blogroll up, and a cover photo on top. 🙂

      And yes, I believe the seven year itch has the potential to apply to all relationships, self loathing, errr. love, included 😉


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