Technical Difficulties

If you haven’t noticed, Mrs Fringe’s blog decided to redecorate–without me.  Hrmph.  I’m not loving this minimalist look.

My widgets and sidebars have disappeared, and the alignment of posts is off.  Apparently there are new “visibility” settings that need to be set and saved in this theme, but I can’t get them to save.  It’s been a busy and soul sucking week off the blog, so I haven’t been able to put too much time into figuring it out.  Please bear with me, I hope to figure it out over the course of the weekend.

If I can’t, I’ll try changing the theme.  I can handle change.  Really.  It won’t bother me at all.  Sort of.  Maybe a little.

Minimalist Mac OS X Desktop

Minimalist Mac OS X Desktop (Photo credit: DavidTurnbull)


  1. I’d been blogging two weeks or something like that when my first theme did something crazy like that. It drove me nuts, being all perfectionalist as I am with that kind of thing and having no clue yet how to fix it. 😛 So I said forget that and I changed. Decided I hated it my new choice in about one day. Changed again, to the one I used for a long time until i realized it was distracting with my frequent use of photos, bringing me to my current one. I like that one since I can use lots of widgets- share a lot, but only take up minimal room on the page.


    1. Yes, I’m not sure if I’ll stick with this one.
      Bogs I Follow still isn’t showing as a widget. I might add this as a separate page if I can find the &#*% list somewhere!


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