For Lilly: Blue for You?

  • “Whoever performs his part with most agility, and holds out the longest in leaping and creeping, is rewarded with the blue-coloured silk; the red is given to the next, and the green to the third, which they all wear girt twice around the middle; and you see few great persons about this court who are not adorned with one of these girdles.” ~Gulliver’s Travels
  • **Lilly, If you read this, please send me an email.  msfringe123 @  (yah, the email addy is ms, not mrs–without the spaces, of course)

I hope the rest of my Fringelings had a good day today.  I’d love to check, but I can’t, because something is wrong with my internet connection, and I can’t seem to stay connected for more than 2-3 minutes at a time without getting bounced.  It’s taken me an hour to try and get on long enough to type this, perhaps it will be posted by morning.  I hate/love/neeeeeed my internetz.  Good for writing, not good for researching, and not good because I think I missed some kind of something on the writer’s forum today, and now can’t contact a new writing friend.  Have I mentioned aargh?!

Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift

Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift (Photo credit: infomatique)


  1. Hey! I see this, in my email. And I’m replying via email, but this will land on your blog, so I’ll shoot you a separate email as well. I’m sorry you are having connection trouble. I’ve been having WordPress-specific trouble the last week or so… Pages loading slowwwww, editor not working and so on.


  2. I’m considering General Ludd’s reaction to new technology…start tossing the junk off bridges and stay static. Do as J. Swift did in the days of the Tattler…write it, print it in broadsheet form, pay a waif to run through the streets handing it out, get pennies, and repeat. And I thought never-ending connection circles and spinning icons of malware detection and pop-up boxes saying no yahoo or wordpress connections were a Central American phenomena. So you’re as frustrated as me…must be why the air is so heavy here lately.


    1. I blame the jackhammers. And the pigeons. Blech.

      Though you might be onto something, find me a wench! errr, waif! find me a waif, I’m checking the couch cushions for pennies :p


      1. The Jack Hammer sounds like a good name for a bird to me. Or am I channeling Jack Hanna’s never ending search for something to do some Pooh-osity on Johnny’s dead head?


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