Elegance coral 2

Elegance coral 2 (Photo credit: afagen)

No, this isn’t the type of elegance I’m talking about today, but this is one hot coral.  I haven’t been having much success with LPS coral in my little tank, so I won’t add it to my wish list just yet.  Yeah, I’m pretty weird, thinking about elegance this was what popped to the forefront of my mind.  But I chose this particular photo because it has that little asterina star on the glass.  Those things seem so cute.  But the truth is if you see one in your tank, you’ve likely got dozens, and they breed faster than a bunny on speed.  Then you have a nuisance that will irritate pricey and prized corals.

I think that’s me.  When it comes to style, I have to make an effort, which I often don’t.  Come on, how long should I take to get dressed and do my hair to drop the girl off at school and come home to clean the bathroom, or go out to dogwalk?  But sometimes I do.  It’s fun and it feels good, nothing says “I can do this” more than a kick ass pair of shoes with the right outfit.  So when I do make the effort, sometimes I hit it, and sometimes I don’t, but even when I do, it’s never perfect.  There will be one little something that tips the scales from I’m rocking it to oh shit, I’m still carrying my dog walking bag.  Which then leads me to notice the dog hair I didn’t get off my skirt, the smudge of mascara under my right eye, the eek! of questioning if I used deodorant under both arms.

Taking Flower Child to school this morning, I saw a young woman running for the bus.  Tall, slim, and cute, she was wearing clunky wooden heeled sandals, and a too long nightgown looking brown maxi-dress, with a faux-fur gray sweater on top.  Oy. On my way back home, I saw another woman running across the street for a cab.  Black suit, ivory turtleneck underneath, and black patent leather stilleto pumps.  I was more than impressed by how well she was able to run, though I’m guessing it produced more jiggle than she generally shoots for.

The Patent Leather Kid

The Patent Leather Kid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What made one work and the other not? I don’t know.  One thing I love about the city is that women never seem to be limited by what’s “in.”  Personal style is encouraged, influenced by many factors, and expressed through textures, lengths, fabrics, and accessories.   Fun to watch, and a bonus in that it makes coming up with the beginning of a character sketch pretty easy.

I’m not talking about the women who are so stunning it doesn’t matter what they are or are not wearing. It’s the women who have whatever the it factor is that allows them to look like the definition of fabulousity no matter what their age, style or dress size is. The difference between wtf -is-she-wearing and wow-I-wish-I-could-pull-that-off.

Is it studying old episodes of What Not To Wear?  Reading fashion magazines? Being the victor when battling for that dress at the annual Barney’s sale?

I don’t think so.  I honestly think it comes from within.  Part of it being a good eye, knowing what lines will work with your lines, and much of it is confidence.

I have a neighbor who always looks elegant.  And when I say always, I mean even when staking a claim for the most efficient dryer in the laundry room.  She isn’t young, she isn’t particularly tall, she isn’t slim. But she is always styling.


Lautrec the tattooed woman 1894

Lautrec the tattooed woman 1894 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  1. I think it comes from within too. You can be the most beautiful woman in the world, but if you’re lacking in confidence people can smell it from a mile away. Hey, I was just sending you a comment at the same time. Funny! We are so in sync!


  2. That is a cool coral. And I am proud to tell you I noticed that cute little star right away before you even mentioned it. 😉 And that coral, I love the purple tips.

    I have not discovered the secrets of fashion. Well, I know some things that would help that I cannot afford, and know others that I would just feel… ridiculous… trying to pull off and other things that I am just not willing to sacrifice the level of comfort that would be required to pull them off. However, there are some things I just feel really good in. Would I win any fashion awards in them? I am sure I wouldn’t. But I feel good in them and I can’t help but think that shows, somehow, even if not in the fashion-forward sense. 🙂 Recent examples are a dress in the “I have a dream!!!” size that now fits- and hey! It’s black! Black always stays at least sort of in style, right? …and puts me in shooting distance of the holy grail, “when pigs fly” size. And a certain outfit of shoes, pants and top that actually makes me feel put together and a little bit professional in a world where I seldom do. These things matter, especially when I remember to put makeup on the day I wear it. 😛

    The jiggle and nightgown observations made me laugh. If I’m going to actually change outta my pajamas, I try not to look like I’m still wearing them- and inadvertent jiggle or gaping between the buttons is a personal horror of mine. If I make it to the city, be gentle if you catch me running across the street. 😛


    1. 🙂 It is a beauty, isn’t it?
      Woot! Yes, black is always chic, and good for you fitting into a dress that makes you feel good 😀
      I know exactly what you mean re outfits that make you feel a little professional, when we’re so often in situations that feel so out of control 😉

      I suspect you will come to NY wearing appropriately comfortable clothes for lots of walking. I will promptly highjack you for a girls’ night out–but I promise, either I’ll make sure there is no excessive jiggling, or I’ll tell the cab driver to be patient. 😉


  3. I pull off frump pretty well – especially orange frump. I know that it comes from within because not everyone can do this 🙂

    I was at the market on Sunday when I noticed one of my neighbors shopping and she looked even more casual than her typical sweats – she was in her PJs – I kid you not. She pulled it off. Not everyone can do that.


    1. ROFLOL! I always secretly wished I could be one of those moms who took the kids to school in her pjs. Alas, I’m not in a car, we’re walking/taking the train, and my pjs are too worn to be warm :p


      1. I remember my mom taking us to the store or the drive-in in our PJs, but she would never have been caught dead in them out in public – she would however rock some pink and yellow rollers


  4. I make an effort on holidays, I can just about handle 10 days, esp a cruise holiday where its easy to look lovely for dinner and so much fun too. Its all about being comfortable in your skin and loving yourself. being a generously porportioned lady I am always amazed when naughty married men are flirtacious. I mentally tut and look for the hapless wife, more often than not perfectly lovely and 3 dress sizes my slender but ill at ease, slumping her shoulders and wearing a safe black ball gown. you got to work it baby 🙂


    1. LOL! I am not surprised at all. Nothing is more attractive than someone who is enjoying their life, and I can see your smile in your posts. 🙂

      PS: Never purchased a ball gown, but I’m a big fan of many variations of the little black dress 😉


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