Twitching and Broken

Broken mirror

Broken mirror (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What a day.

A friend sent me an email telling me today was a #pitmad day on Twitter.  You know, one of those insane days in cyberspace where you condense the pitch for your story down to 140 characters (including the hashtag pitmad, spaces, and genre) in hopes of catching the eyes of a few participating agents.  Truly, it’s insanity.  Twitter pitching, I call it twitching. Did it once.  No way no how was I doing it again.  Especially not with Astonishing, a story that doesn’t lend itself to a brief tag line.  I admit it, it’s a weird book with an unreliable narrator.  Enticing when distilled like that, right? Except here I am, doing it.  Came up with a fantastically meh pitch.  I’ve tweeted it a few times.  Sort of.

I thought it was going to be good that I had the doctor’s appointment for my back this afternoon. Yanno, so I wouldn’t obsess over the Twitching.  Went to the office, spoke with the doctor, she tapped, she pushed, she pricked, she looked at my MRIs, then she shot little electric currents and needles through my legs and lower spine.  Oh, the many, many ways I can twitch.

“So it hurts on your right side normally, yes?”


“But it hurts on the right side now, too, yes?”


“But you have blahblahblahdiscspinebulgenarrowheelnerve right side.”

“Nope, just down the left side.”

“Hmmm.” More looking, more needles, more electric currents. “You do have mwamwahmwahmwhahpbbt in the blah blah vertebrae and somethingsomething discs, and more mwhahahahwma sciatic nerve.”

I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure what she said was, “your back is fuuuucked up. Both sides.”

I left there with more prescriptions than I’ve ever been given.  It’s the trifecta of back fuckedupedness, nerve, muscle, and spine.  Those scripts are probably a good thing, because by the time I left my back felt as broken as it did a week ago. “We can also give you a shot right now, into the site, to see if that helps.”

“No thanks.”

One of the prescriptions is not covered by my insurance and way over budget.  I’m saying no thanks to that one, too. I asked about getting back to my yoga routine, in addition to the physical therapy scrip.  Sure, except for every stretch and position that actually works to get me in shape.

Hmm, do I go with broken and twitching but a better head space, or out of shape and upright but miserable?  A tough call. I’m beginning to see the allure of one piece bathing suits and floaty wraps.  And plastic surgery.


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  1. Seriously, the shot would have been a good thing, but I can understand the feeling of just wanting to get the hell out of Dodge. :/


  2. It was prob a steroid (cortisone) shot they offered…it can help. Or you can take a round of steroids (predisone) orally, which will also help, but not as quickly. Reduces inflammation. Narcotics=pain meds. Not sure they really help with pain but they make you not care as much. Whatever the one was that isn’t covered, call doc and see if they can prescribe from formulary–it was likely a muscle relaxant (cuz I can’t believe any pain med isn’t on the approved list). Seriously…herniated disc pain is the worst and you want all hands on deck. ❤


    1. The thing that isn’t covered is actually topical, a blend of different meds. I’m going to hope that what I did get works. I don’t want to go back, and I’m really tired of saying ouch.


  3. Oh–and yeah–I could dx based on your blah blah. 😛 Bulging disc touches nerve causes sciatica and muscle spasms. I’ve never had them in my lower back but in my neck. Nerve pain is horrific.


  4. cortisone shot, it does help but its temporary. the back is tough. why cant we just trade in? UP? life would be SO much easier if our bodies were like cars and we just traded in every so often. So sorry you are suffering. I think some beach time would do wonders 😉 soulshine. that is MY DX


      1. I prefer Dr. Seuss (my sisters call me seuss , short for susanna) I always wanted to go back for my Phd so I could officially be Dr. Seuss ( I need something silly like more 30 credits and thesis)


  5. I feel your frustration got the results of my back ct scan yesterday told there was no arthritis and only slight bulging of a couple of discs and all he could say was learn to live with the pain.


          1. You know…Mrs. F… Someone like you makes it really difficult for someone like me …. who likes to have the last word… just like you…even when you’re in pain! 😉 ❤


  6. OMG, look at all your pain messages!!!!! I am so impressed right now!!!!


    Getting kookie, Mrs Fringe. Too much #pitmadness today and btw, I always thought your momiker 😉 was mrs fringe, lower case. Now I see now how wrong I was! Sincerest apologies to you, MF.


    No, really.


    xoxo kk


  7. And btw, am I the only one seeing the little mouth shapes left behind on these little emoticon thingies because if I’m the only one, that’s bad.


    What you should see is a frowny face, with this shape tucked in the lower left: (

    Please tell me you see it. Otherwise, either my laptop is screwy, or I’m seeing weird little mouth shaped left behind thingies. . .


    1. Hmm, not sure what you mean, I see the little frowny face. I love that WP has expanded the emotes.

      I think it took me over a year to figure out and be willing to use emotes when I joined my first forum. If I write, I should be able to make myself clear without emotes, no? Then I got over myself, and I have fun with them. 😀


      1. First of all, good. Pictographs are a form of communication. Second of all, my laptop must be screwy because I think I’m the only one seeing those shapes next to the emoticon. This just started. Poo.

        On the road, mrs FRINGE. xoxo kk


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