Waiting For Godot

'Waiting For Godot'

‘Waiting For Godot’ (Photo credit: dave lewis 88)

That’s me, waiting for Dr Big Shot, or the on-call working with him, to call back.  Flower Child was not better this morning.

The last couple of hours, though, have brought some improvement. Mrs Fringe is a tired Mama.


Luckily I ran into a neighbor when I was on my way to the laundry room with the puked on blankets; she was quick to tell  me of the evils that will surely befall me if I don’t sign the petition to block the increase of SROs in the neighborhood.  Too beat to make much of a case, I just told her I think it’s a complicated issue, and the people in question need support. She was quick to agree, and told me it’s too expensive for them here, they should go somewhere else instead– somewhere less populated. Like Wisconsin. Or Brooklyn.  Still shaking my head.


  1. There are some days that I think if just one more person asks one more thing of me, I’ll just punch them in the face. Really hoping Flower Child will be feeling better soon.


  2. I hope you hear back from the dr soon- I love the photo you chose to accompany your post. I’m so sorry Flower Child is struggling so much. I understand the feeling and how frustrating it is when this happens not just a weekend, but a holiday weekend at that and the term ‘on call’ seems to mean nothing to those who hold your child’s well being in their hands.

    Mrs. Fringe, I hereby absolve you from taking on any and all political, ethical and socioeconomic issues small or great until you’ve 1/ had at least a decent nap and 2/ Flower Child has had a day or two seizure and fever free and 3/ Nerd Child and Man Child are fully packed and on their way. 😉


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