Possibility: A Pseudo-Lesson on Defensive Living

Crossing a threshold, maybe

Crossing a threshold, maybe

Mrs Fringe and Husband were informed a 3 bedroom has opened up in the building.  We’re going for it.  Again.  Sounds good, right?

It may or may not come through.  We’ve been this close before a couple of times, and life happened.  There’s a little part of me that’s crying.  If it really comes through, and we take the apartment, it will cost us money, a lot of work, and acceptance that I’m not leaving New York anytime soon.

As I’m typing this, my little email notification popped up, there’s a new listing in Oahu!  Yeah, yeah, I can and do dream.  Why would I take this apartment if I know it takes me further away from leaving the city?  Because for whatever life hasn’t taught me, I’ve learned a few lessons well.  One of them is I don’t know what next year, next month, or even tomorrow will bring.  So if there’s an opportunity in front of me now, I need to take it.  Get it while you can and all that.  And hey, a 3 BR apartment in Manhattan that’s practically affordable–not to be taken lightly. Besides, I made my buddy Mrs Smitholini promise about a million times that when I die, she’ll take my ashes to Hawaii.  So eventually, in some form or another, I’ll get there.

I saw a neighbor earlier, she asked me if Big Senile Dog was still alive because she hasn’t heard him.  He is, but the truth is when I woke up this morning I thought he wasn’t.  As I’ve said before, he always wakes me up, cries until I get out of bed and go to the bathroom, and then he goes back to bed as soon as I start making my coffee.  This morning he cried, but then stopped.  All was quiet when I was in the bathroom so I went to check on him, and he was all curled up, not snoring, on his doggie-pedic bed. Still alive, but slowing down a little more each day.

Not perky, but still with me.

I swear his jowls are sagging.

Yup, good and bad, life happens.

Here, a little fusion jazz for us all.

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  1. Big Senile Dog will always remember his Auntie who carried him down two flights of unlit stairs during the black-out. I’ll always consider him as my 1st dog.


  2. Opportunity rarely knocks on your door twice so go for it. Maybe one day our ashes will meet in Hawaii as I’d dearly love to go there. As for big senile dog – love him as much as you can while you can. 🙂


  3. Oh boy, I hear you on the crying. My Elka is very “talkative”, so she whines, she grumbles, she mimics words (kind of). Barks only on occasion. But the whining. Oh, the whining.

    I’m going to wish you good luck, but not on anything specific. Just put it in the bank 😉


    1. Yes, little barking, lots of talking. Big on baying, too. His voice was bred to carry across the Swiss Alps. We have, on occasion, made quite the impression on city streets. 😛

      Thanks for the luck, deposited in hopes of interest 😉


  4. Right now, you reach down and pet that old soul and he looks up at you with nothing but love in his eyes. Who knows what the future holds, Mrs Fringe? You and Big Senile Dog are destined to take different paths.

    But not quite yet.

    xoxo kk


    1. Not yet indeed. Maybe not yet on the petting either, he just peed on the floor, next to the fluff ball’s pee pad.

      I’ve been yelling at Little Incredibly Dumb Dog for peeing half on, half off her pad the past few days. Maybe it hasn’t been her. 😮


      1. Well, crap.


        Speaking of which, at least it wasn’t. . . yanno. Or maybe you do wish. I don’t know if you have a preference. What the hell is going on over there, Mrs Fringe??? You gotta get control of that crew.



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