Snotting Against the Wind


It isn’t raining or gray and I’ve been so damned sedentary since I hurt my back that I needed to go for a walk this morning. Dropped Flower Child off at her art class, and headed into Central Park with my camera.  A nice day for a walk–you’ll all be relieved to know I wore my sensible shoes, with support, without heels.  Glad I had a hat and was wearing layers because it is windy out there. Just shy of cold when the sun goes behind a cloud.  As expected, it was crowded with bikers, runners, kids, dogs, bird watchers and photographers.  But one of the nice things about Central Park is how big it is, if you don’t go to the popular, touristy spots, you can still find some peace.

Except for the two runners who were stopped right where I wanted to take some photos of the newly seeded ball fields.  One even treated me to the sight and sound of her blowing her nose onto the ground.  You know, one finger laid across one nostril, lean forward and blow out the other one.  I’m sure someone will tell me how it’s necessary, you don’t carry tissues to go running.  You know what?  It’s fucking gross.  I’ll bet she had her cell phone tucked in somewhere, she could throw a few Kleenex into the case.  By the way hon, if you’re reading, you might want to get checked for a sinus infection.

I would love to photograph the playgrounds, but they’re rarely empty, and it’s creepy to stand there and take photos of other people’s kids.  I like to get shots of birds, but that rarely works out for me, I don’t have great photography skills.  If you’re a longtime follower, you might know I’m obsessed with trees, especially the patterns of the root growths, and this time of year, just beginning to bud, when you can see the shapes and shadows made by the branches.  Plus, I find trees to be cooperative subjects, they rarely blink or move at the moment I press the shutter.  I also shoot a lot of the various bodies of water.  They’re always moving, but that makes them interesting to me, even the blurs. I took a lot of pictures, I’ll probably break this up into two or three posts.

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  1. Roots are fascinating. The most amazed I’ve been is up in the Flatirons above Boulder, CO. They creep their way across sheer rock, looking of any crack or hold. There’s nothing vulnerable about them. They’re old and gnarly and beautiful. But the wispy flowers poking up out of the leaf litter and a long winter’s worth of compacted soil? To me, they’re the Supermen and Wonder Women of the plant world. How much strength does that take? Your photos capture it beautifully.


    1. Thanks Elaine!
      Oooh, those roots/trees in the Flatirons sound wonderful. 🙂
      I do love seeing everything come back to life in the park. To me, this season is more interesting to photograph than summer. *don’t get me wrong, summer is by far my favorite season.


  2. My dear Mrs Fringe!

    Except for the jettisoned snot (which you found quite distasteful, and rightly so), I thoroughly enjoyed your documented soiree. You found some really cool stuff! Loved the face in the tree trunk and those odd little root knee thingies poking out of the ground. FLOWERS ALREADY???? We’re barely seen green in the mat of brown, sodden stuff we call ‘the front yard.’

    So glad you got out there today. I hope the brisk breeze and blue sky washed some of that lingering winter grey away. Thank you so much for sharing those pix, Mrs Fringe. You talented thing, you.

    xoxo kk


  3. I am refraining on commenting on the snot, that could be a whole post. I love all the photos, they are so enjoyable, maybe a whole other blog is forming :D. The whoops tree reminded me of a dancer. I love tree photos! The others ARE very cool! They remind me of prairie dogs, poking up through the ground. Any water shots are an instant win with me 😀 The cloud shot through the trees is gorgeous not weird um unless I am weird too lol. Please make that tree talk! I think you should trek through Central and just do a whole tree montage!! just a thought. I really love this, thanks!! I want MORE (I know, so demanding)


    1. So, what you’re saying is you want more booger pics? 😉

      Yes! those roots do look like prairie dogs poking up. Or something…I don’t know…futuristic.

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed. I loved the composition of the plastic bag caught in the branches against that beautiful sky. 😀

      I have more photos, I took a lot today, I’ll post a part two either tomorrow or the day after.

      Trees are amazing, aren’t they ❤


    1. I’m not picky, I love most flowers 🙂

      It was cold, only in the forties yesterday, today was still pretty cool but pretty. Hope you start seeing some flowers in your area soon!


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