The End

First draft of the short story, finished.

Confetti, Times Square

Confetti, Times Square (Photo credit: StuartMoreton)

I’m working on graphics, because I want the pages to have unicorns watermarked on them when printed.  The unicorns will be bright blue, to make the reading of the royal purple print easier on the eyes.  I’m going to ask the people here at WordPress how they made the snow appear on the blogs during the holidays, because I want glitter to positively bounce off the screen.

As you know, Bob, I was sure to describe every last detail, so my readers don’t have to get stressed out using their imagination, or trying to make personal connections. My protagonist has long golden locks, aquamarine eyes, and legs that go all the way to her slender feet.  And a prettily heaving bosom. Also, she’s as pure as the driven cornfield, though sometimes her naughty bits tingle alarmingly. She sighs, whispers, pleads, and gasps, but never says. That would be boring. She does it all beseechingly, but endearingly. Nothing ever happens, and there’s no plot, so there’s no confusion when the aliens pop out of her concave belly and threaten her hero’s throbbing manhood. It’s wholesome in the way only urban and edgy can be.


Barbie_01 (Photo credit: MarinaCr)

I have Copyright in the header of every page, next to my pseudonym, Pink Peony, so no one steals my brilliance. They can do that right through the Googles these days. Now I’m going to put together an email and will cc it to every editor and agent listed in the Publisher’s Marketplace, 2003 edition. Don’t worry, I’ll let them know to act fast, before someone else signs me.  My children and husband–who all loved the story, by the way–are standing by to field phone calls.  Frankly, I’m surprised I even have to send it out.  My words are GOLDEN! like my heroine’s hair.

So…yes. Mrs Fringe did finish the first draft of a short story. And it does have much suckage, lots of telling and not enough showing. But it has a beginning, middle, and an end. It’s a start.


  1. “First draft of the short story, finished.”

    TA DA! I’m delighted to hear your work on your story has come along so well.

    SIGH … The “snow” is caused by a JavaScript plugin that we blogger cannot install on our individual free hosted blogs. Thank goodness for that because it’s a resource hog that crippled some of my reader’s browsers and computers when they visited my blog. I disabled the “snow” within hours the first year it was introduced and I won’t be enabling it ever again.

    Best wishes with your editing of the first draft.


    1. Thank you! I’m excited, feeling a bit hopeful. I don’t think this story will ever be great, but I followed through, and part of my brain is already running through possible edits/rewrites.

      Interesting about the snow slowing down computers, I wonder if it contributed to my extra slow page loading over the holidays. I did find it cheery, it made me smile to see it “falling” on the sand in my cover photo. I grew up near the beach, and used to like walking the shoreline in the winter.



  2. Heaving and throbbing… and aliens! but not a moan or scream to go with any of the beseeching, gasping & whispering? You shock me. 😛

    Yay for your first draft!! 🙂


  3. Oooh, with you on the suckage – so easy to drown in it. I’m finding even the thought of it makes it hard to START anything. But you’ve given me an idea (or at least a new mantra). What Would Barbie Do?

    Come on Barbie. Channel those ideas to mrs fringe and mrscarmichael. And mrs fringe, I’m loving the unicorns.


    1. Yes, very easy to drown in the suckage before allowing yourself to finish a scene. But, I know the more I write, the easier and better it is. Forcing myself to write something new, without worrying about whether or not it will be great, is my start. Yes, I’m going to rewrite and edit, but I’m also not going to tear my hair out.

      Do it with me, Barbie! 😉 I hear they give unicorns when you’re offered a two book contract :p


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