True Love paper 1 (6)

True Love paper 1 (6) (Photo credit: Marky Mark V)

Ever have a day where you wake up, ready to write, ideas in place and notes in hand? Of course, right?  How about when nothing actually gets in the way, and you’re productive?  Now we’re rolling.

Only then you look at what you worked on, what you’ve been working on, and realize it still sucks, and is likely unsalvageable.


Art by Bill Barminski ca 1996

Art by Bill Barminski ca 1996 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  1. I’ve had many “unsalvageable moments.” Sometimes I re-read what I wrote the next day, and wonder to myself, “what was I thinking?” Not ashamed to admit that I hit the delete button quite often.


        1. Agreed. Not everything needs 75 drafts, but rewriting is as important as the first draft. I’m not sure if I’m feeling sorry for editors at this moment or thinking I should have been one, lol!


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