Riverside Park


It took me a long time to write yesterday’s post, mostly because it was upsetting. In the middle of writing it, I realized what a beautiful day it was outside so I took a break, and Art Child and I went for a walk.  West instead of the usual East, to Riverside Park.  The city is amazingly empty on summer holiday weekends–assuming you stay away from the tourist areas. Memorial Day weekend is Fleet Week, in addition to the naval ships and sailors, many people come by boat to hang out. I rarely make it as far south as the naval and coast guard ships, but it’s a good opportunity to enjoy the river.

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Riverside park runs along the Hudson River, from 72nd Street to 158th Street.  The park is split by the Westside Highway.  Then there are tunnels that pass under the highway for pedestrians/bikers/runners to reach the path that runs directly alongside the river.  To me, because of the highway and sewage treatment plant on the northern end, it isn’t quite as peaceful as Central Park, but the river makes up for it, and it is beautiful.

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Next to the boat basin is a cafe.  There are outside tables right over the river, and then a cavernous space that is covered but open, if that makes any sense.  It was packed in there yesterday, so I didn’t shoot any pics inside.

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Fringeland is meant to be a space for honesty, but not unrelenting angst and anger. I needed this walk, this post–how about you?

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