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Not So Shiny Anymore

broke in boots

broke in boots (Photo credit: patricia kranenberg)

Getting comfy, some scratches, some stretching, a few dings to make it homey.  Yup, this is my 100th post.  Happy Centennial to Mrs Fringe!

I was wondering what I would to to celebrate my 100th, and Diana, of  Talk to Diana, completely came through in her Wednesday post.  She wrote about this excellent neato-groovy-cool WordPress site, Reader’s Choice.  Wordpress bloggers can nominate their favorite post (yes, favorite post from their own blog) and have it featured, reaching a larger audience.  How cool is that?  I like this idea.  I enjoy blogging, and I love obsessing over my stats, watching my audience grow and having new people join the regulars in the comments section.

So, that’s what I’m going to do to celebrate my pigheaded sticktoitiveness.  Also, my poetic license with the English language.

Does Reader’s Choice really have a wide reaching audience? I have no clue, but that’s okay.

After all, these boots were made for walking. But I’m asking for my Fringelings’ help.  It’s only fair, because this post is as much a celebration of my Fringie followers as it is Mrs Fringe.  Thank you!!   I’m going to list a handful of what I think are my favorites, and I’m asking you to help me decide by casting a vote. Or nominate one you think I overlooked.  You can do that here in the comments section, by commenting on Mrs Fringe’s Facebook page, or Tweet @MrsFringe–I’m not sure how to link to Twitter, you can go through the little Twitter symbol on the left side of the page here.  If you haven’t already signed to follow me on Twitter, or liked me on Facebook, it’s a perfect opportunity.  I reserve the right to change my mind, go with the post that gets the most votes, or the reader who presents the most convincing argument.  I had a harder time than expected, choosing which ones to post.  Obviously I’m too in love with the sound of my own voice.

In no particular order, all posts were chosen for one of three reasons; a) I liked how it came out, b) I had fun writing it, or c) I remembered the title:

Once Upon A Time

Is It Trash Day

Hey Artist, Got A Dollar

And, Have An Orgasm

Maiden, Mother, Crone

Is It Appropriate to Mourn A Glass Box

Blogging With A Scarlet B