What the Hell Did I Just Do?!


I’m two days away from my four year blog-o-versary.  I love blogging, more than I ever expected to, and for more reasons than I had imagined possible.  One of those reasons involves the connections with others, and the occasional, amazing notes I receive from readers–some who I know from other forums, others I don’t know at all.

As discussed ad nauseam, I’m fortunate to have a wonderfully supportive group of online friends.  One of those friends sent me a lovely message after reading my last post.  Not a Fringeling, she read the post after another mutual friend shared it. In her note, she asked if I had ever considered writing a novel, and I debated an appropriate response.  Laugh? Cry? Slit my wrists and bleed into the keyboard?  I thanked her for her support, gave a way too long response of my history of writing woes, and obsessed over her thoughts for the rest of the day.  Mentioned it to one of my writing friends, who promptly told me this was a gentle nudge from the universe.  It’s nice to have friends with a glass-half-full outlook, my take was this was the universe reopening wounds I’ve been trying to keep closed.

What does this have to do with anything?  The following morning, I received an “invite” (one of those Facebook invite thingies) to a reading, sent by another friend.  I clicked on the invite, and in addition to the published authors reading, the evening includes open mic time slots.  Not to be all metaphysical and shit, but the two incidents happening so close together did seem like some type of universal body check.  I considered.  I could do this.  Could I do this? What would I read?  Is there an actual mic involved? I’m fine with speaking in front of people, but not when I have to speak into a microphone.  Surely there’s a long list of items I’d be better served spending $8 on.  How long is six minutes, anyway?  I asked Nerd Child the last question, he’s the one with public speaking experience.  Hmmm, six minutes would eliminate any of the shorts I’ve got here on the blog, which was my original thought.  I think.  Unless I just read an excerpt.  Why would I do this?  I could just go, see a friend I haven’t connected with in a long time, support my friend’s friend, have a nice grownup evening, a couple of drinks, and bemoan my lack of legitimacy.

Husband woke early today, and was sitting at the table so I mentioned it to him.  He, of course, said, do it.  Holy fuck, I did it.  Bought a ticket including a time slot to read.  I think.  Maybe I clicked the wrong box.  Maybe they’ll sell too many of those tickets and I’ll be bounced, since I’m not a real writer, no pub credits.  But what if I clicked the right box, and I’m not bounced?  What the hell am I going to read?

I’ve got three weeks to decide what to read.  Three weeks to chicken out.

What did I just do, and why?


  1. When you decide what to read, time yourself reading it. 6 minutes is really short! but I bet you’ll find something perfect for it. Good luck! and have fun. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Kyla! In terms of my stories, yes, 6 minutes is short–but in terms of imagining strangers listening to my Fran Drescher crossed withDebbie Mazar screech, it’s seeming very, very long. 😉 ❤


  2. I don’t even know you but I hope you don’t chicken out. I would never in a million years be able to stand up in front of a group of people and speak. Go rock the house girl!

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    1. Oh, thank you so much! I’m guessing the next three weeks will be a tug of war between my anxiety and my ummm, frugality (I already paid, after all). Truly, thank you for the support–and welcome to Mrs Fringe!


  3. Hahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am delighting in this amazingly terrifying turn of events!!!!!!!! Mrs. F, I hate to say I told ya so, so I won’t. But for real, sometimes a body needs a little push, and the universe–in its infinite wisdom (or jest)–obliges.

    Hence, here you are, contemplating a really nifty thing, which you shall do and do so well, and be glad you took that plunge. Of this, I have no doubt. Not just because I’m one of your biggest fans, but because you are a fine writer, and that voice of yours deserves to be heard. Yep, have fun deciding what to read aloud; you have a plethora of wonderful material from which to choose.

    Go forth with confidence, Mrs F. There is nothing at all to lose.

    xo kk

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    My local arts council has a Writer’s Salon once a month (with an open mic for whoever wants to read for 5 minutes and then a published author reading, 30 minutes to read and have a Q&A), and somehow, I’ve been able to attend three months in a row. The first month, I was invited because their lined up “published author” to headline the event had backed out on them, and with my story in the anthology which had just released, I was prime save the day material. And I read a short last month and didn’t read this month.

    It is terrifying and it is amazing and I hope you do it, I really do.

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  5. So proud of you for taking such a bold step. Practice reading aloud, even if it your own work. You may be surprised how it sounds “for real”. In 3 weeks I expect to see the post of how you pushed through and how awesome you felt afterwards!

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    1. lol, I’ll practice, once I figure out what to read. 😉 And yes, I will report back, regardless of how it pans out. Thank you for taking the time to read, comment, and offer support–Welcome to Mrs Fringe!


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