PTSD of Snow

Everything on mute.

Everything on mute.

It’s well documented that I hate winter but really, it’s just the cold.  I never minded the snow, always figured if we had to have sub freezing temperatures, might as well have the beauty and quiet that comes with snowfall.  There’s always something a little magical about snow, not to mention the throwback to being a kid, hoping for a snow day.  And let’s be honest, if you live in the city, it’s likely you skip the bad part of snow–shoveling.  (Unless you have a car and park on the street, in which case you’re screwed.) Sure if you have a brownstone the steps and path need to be shoveled, but it seems like most hire that work out.  It has to be a LOT of snow to interfere with public transportation or cause any real inconvenience.  Say, for example, 26.8 inches, like we saw yesterday.  Even with that, we were warned well in advance (though we didn’t expect as much as we got, it isn’t like we were expecting a dusting), and it was a Saturday, no school anyway and many people off from work.

Look what we get in exchange, clean and lovely scenery, cool ice patterns, etc.

IMG_7146 IMG_7235

All good, right?  Biggest concern dodging the icicles and avalanches of snow sliding off the rooftops in the days after the storm, as they melt just enough to slide off and hit the ground–or the nearest head.  Except not anymore.  Every step on the snow, every glimpse of an ice patch…makes me think of the ice patches I won’t see, how hard those snow piles are after sitting on the curb for a couple of days–or weeks–and flash back to my face hitting the ice last spring, when I fractured my everything.  Ridiculous.  I’m not young, but I should be too young to be literally worried about busting a hip.  Should be.

Maybe I should just stay in and write.  Winter has traditionally been my most productive time in terms of fiction.  I think it’s the excessive heat pumping through the radiators, puts me in just the right stupor to lose myself in my imagination.  Except.  Recently every time I open the damned file intending to do more than read the few pages I’ve got, I flash on the mountain of rejection letters I’ve accumulated over the years for various projects.  Dear Fringie, Intriguing story, great characters, thanks so much but no thanks and good luck. 

Maybe I’ll just kick back on the couch and watch Netflix with Art Child.  Mmm hmm.  Remember the avalanches I mentioned?  Sometimes they happen and you hear them during the storms, from winds blowing and drifts settling.  They make quite the sound on impact, and mostly it’s just background noise, though sometimes it can be startling, depending on the size of the chunk of snow, and how far it has to fall. A few years back Art Child and I were home during a storm, and there was a particularly loud snow-muffled thud.  It wasn’t snow.  Someone jumped from the roof.  Despite all the years and storms where those thumps were just snow and ice, now I jump.

Nervous staying in, nervous going out.  I took the girl and the camera and went to the park this morning.  I’m too damned old to be scared of boogeymen, especially when they’re decked out like Frosty.

Click on the photos if you’d like to see them full-size. Happy Blizzard, Fringelings!



  1. Mrs. Fringe, I remember all too well your face-to-face with that ice block last year. Once bitten, twice shy, for sure.

    But I’m so glad you took a chance and ventured out, camera in hand. It’s beautiful there with that precious blue sky and all that white. Thank you for giving the rest of us a glimpse of your softly muted NYC.

    As for your writing…

    On second thought, another day, maybe.

    xoxo kk

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  2. Somebody jumped? Dear Christ. And I thought it was bad that Elka reacted as though it were a home invasion ever time one of our icicles hit the driveway.

    The cold makes me miserable. Stops the dishwasher from being usable. Means we have to run water in the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom. I frequently put my clothes in the dryer while I’m in the shower, for maximum warmth.

    I mind the snow, if only for the slip factor. I haven’t had a snow/ice related injury, but my balance has become somewhat unsure lately, and with other more recent health issues, I don’t feel wiping out on pavement is really in my best interests. It isn’t in anybody’s, really.

    But, good for you, getting out. Enjoy your snow! You’ve taken some beautiful pictures.

    (and you should do some writing too, yes! 😉 )

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    1. Poor Elka Yes, someone jumped. Ever read Stephen King’s On Writing? Yeah. 😥
      Ooh, clothes in the dryer for extra warmth is a brilliant idea–reason #258 for me to wish I had a washer and dryer in my apartment. 😀 Being out and about today was actually worse than yesterday, more ice, and slush lakes at the corners. I would like to take this opportunity to pledge my undying love of good snow boots. 😉

      Thank you, Jen–as for writing…we’ll see. I made some notes the other morning.
      Stay safe and warm! ❤


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