Falling Flat Like my Popovers: New Year’s Resolve

Guayaba-Manchego popover muffin things

Guayaba-Manchego popover muffin things

In my defense, they still taste delicious.  I’ve been working on this recipe, trying to figure out how to get them to hold their shape and not collapse.  They’re like a Caribbean flavored popover.  Honestly, I’ve never been able to get a regular popover to hold its dome either.  I’ve tried preheating the pans, pre-cooling the pans, increasing/decreasing salt, warming the milk–but not totally hot, I don’t understand how people do that without immediately cooking the eggs before the batter is mixed.  Nothing has made a difference.  One day I’ll find actual popover pans in one of the discount places and see if the shape make a difference.  I suspect it won’t.

Here we are, a new year.  Once again I considered making resolutions, but didn’t.  Funny, I don’t think I ever really considered making New Year’s resolutions until I began blogging.  Something about it makes me feel like I should be making grand-yet-attainable declarations of intent.  Hmmm. I’m still doing my yoga, albeit less frequently, with shortened sessions.  I could make a resolution to blog more regularly, but that would suck the joy out of blogging for me.  I’m perfectly content with my sporadic blogging non-schedule.  I could resolve to get back to fiction, open that file I started and work on it, but I’m still not sure I want to.  I’m a regular cranky old gal living a regular cranky old life.  I could resolve to be less cranky, but less cranky = less snarky, where’s the fun in that?

I know!  I resolve to figure out how to access and re-import the thousands of photographs that were on my laptop until three days ago, but are now trapped in this little silver rectangular thing that I’m told is an external hard drive.  For some bizarre reason, I’m supposed to be happy about this–my laptop is now faster than a speeding bullet! more powerful than a locomotive! able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! well, maybe not that last one.  Very nice and all, but I want my pictures back.

For now I offer this Gary Clark Jr video, because we all need great blues to ring in the new year.



  1. My son ‘discovered’ Gary Clark, Jr. a few years ago, turned me on to his incredible voice. Nick ran into him after his set at a music festival, stopped him, asked for a photo, which Gary very gracefully consented to pose for. Nick gave his phone to a lady passing by, she took the picture and gave him the phone back. Gary evaporated into the crowd. Nick went to check the photo and the phone was off. The lady had pushed the power button, not the “take a picture” button.

    Bottom line: photos on a stick are better than no photos at all. 😀

    I’m with you on the hesitation to proclaim resolutions, goals, or as you eloquently put it, declarations of intent. I chalk it up to “maturity.” That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it. Happiest of New Years, Mrs. ❤

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    1. Definitely one of the bonuses to having children, exposure to great new(er) music 😀 Bummer for Nick about that photo, though.
      Oooh, I like your take on this, it isn’t lack of resolve, it’s maturity. I’m mature–who knew? 😉
      Happy, happy New Year, Elaine. I’m wishing you many joyous moments. ❤

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  2. Happy New Year mrs. f!

    For popovers, put milk and eggs on counter at least two hours before mixing popovers, mix the shit out of it so it’s all bubbly then, put a dab of lard in each muffin form, stick it in the preheated oven till it smokes and pour popover mixture in, you’ll hear it sizzle. Then stick it in hot oven. ta da! ❤
    Diana xo

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    1. lol, I knew someone would come through with more detailed tips–and it’s you! I will try your method next time (minus the lard, because vegetarian). Thank you–and Happy New Year, Diana ❤ ❤

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    1. lol, Joanne. I’m pretty sure I’ve quickly forgotten when I’ve attempted resolutions in the past 😉 And I agree, I’ll take something that isn’t pretty but tastes great over beautiful and bland any day. 😀


  3. Years ago I ate popovers at Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park. It was after a nice hike and I loved the warm treat served with jam. I tried at home and failed. But I bought the popover pan and a kit at the pond. I just need to add eggs and milk the night before and I can bake them in the morning. I made them four times since Thanksgiving! You may want to try that!
    On the other side your flavored version sounds delicious. Miam miam as we say in French.

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    1. Maybe the popover pan really does make a difference. 🙂 Do you let the batter sit in the fridge overnight, the way you do with crepes? Plain or flavored, I do love them!


      1. Yes, the batter sits in the fridge overnight. In the morning I stir it before pouring it in the slightly greased pan. Then it’s quick!
        Like you I used a regular muffin thingy but the popover one works best since the batter can rise. Bed bath and beyond sell them for a reasonable price if you want to try again. I love them!

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  4. I don’t cook popovers. And I don’t have kids. I don’t know what that silver stick is, and I don’t know who that singer is.

    OMG, I’m a childless hippy luddite stuck in 1969.


    But I do know this: time marches on. That is the one constant we can depend on. So whether we resolve in this new year or resolve, for once, not to, it’s the little moments that mean the most. Those ‘now’ moments in the company of family and our friends, or with our own selves, out on the terrace maybe, cup of joe in hand in the early morning hours. . .

    Happy New Year, Mrs Fringe. Coffee’s on the way.

    xoxo kk

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