Wait, Come Back!

How does he manage to end the bottle of shampoo exactly when he's leaving?

How does he manage to end the bottle of shampoo exactly when he’s leaving?

Oh Summer, why do you always end so quickly?  Not quite over yet, but Nerd Child goes back to school tomorrow.  At this point I’ll be lucky to squeeze in one more beach day.  This is our ninth year of watching at least one of the boys pack for the beginning of the school year, and yet it never, ever gets easier. And this is a big year.  Art Child is going into high school, Nerd Child is in his last year of high school, and Man Child won’t be in school at all.  Almost three months past and still a huge thought, that my oldest is a college graduate.

Once August begins, posts from friends in other parts of the country begin creeping into my newsfeed, showing me back to school pictures and advertisements.  For the first week or so, I resent it–in New York we’re only halfway through.  But by the third week, I’m in countdown mode, insomnia increasing even as I remember soon enough sleeping late won’t be an option; knowing it’s only a matter of time before I’m frantically filling out paperwork, asking for the eighth time if he’s sure he packed enough shampoo to last him until Thanksgiving.   You’d think he was headed to Antarctica instead of New England, with no readily available drugstores.

I should be happy and excited for all of them.  Art Child is going to a school that seems like it will be a good fit for her, a small and welcoming community. Not an art school, but she can and will continue with her Saturday art classes. Man Child will be home for about a week, and then he’s off to Europe for several months, with a job and housing lined up.  Nerd Child is poised for an excellent year, and there’s no reason to think he won’t have at least a couple of great options for college once it’s all said and done.

Sure I’ll have a little more room when the amps clear out.


I’d say I won’t find picks underfoot constantly, but that’d be a lie.  Those things multiply like Legos.

on the floor

on the floor

on the table....

on the table….

He should have begun packing this morning, but instead he headed downtown to the super sekrit, super awesome word-of-mouth-only luthier who made his guitar in order to get it adjusted.

Now he’s home, and should be packing. I should be yelling at him to pack. I should be reminding him to keep working on his application essays. But he’s playing, and I’m listening.



  1. how did this happen? college graduate, WAIT WHAT? I did know that but 😦 they are still our babies, we are um what are we? this is such a sad, sad time of year, sad to see the warm weather go, sad to see our kids go, sad to see school time. I say we just get rid of it!!

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  2. Ugh, summer’s end. I’m sad every time. Every time. The college kids have already moved in around town. Some trees are already beginning to change. May I direct you to Dar Williams “End of the Summer”? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H86YbjPmHY

    Also, two of my cousins (who were born when I was in high school), are now headed off to college this fall, one in Tampa and one in Boston. Sigh.

    “All Along the Watchtower” is one of my favorite songs. My cousin burned me a CD of 17 covers of it; Dave Matthews does quite a good one, apparently it’s one of his concert warhorses.

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    1. ooh, I was unfamiliar with both the song and Dar Williams, it’s lovely–thank you!
      Yes, the end of summer is always a sad time for me. It’s a life moment, isn’t it, when people you knew as babies/young children are “suddenly” college age.
      I love “All Along the WatchTower,” it’s a great song, in all its incarnations–though the Dylan version may remain my favorite. 🙂 Enjoy what’s left of the season, Jen! ❤


      1. I discovered Dar Williams in college, when Napster was still in an unquestioned moral gray area. It may also be where my “All Along the Watchtower” covers came from.

        Bob Dylan is one of those cats whose songwriting I like well enough, but whose voice I typically can’t enjoy (along with The Beatles, Leonard Cohen, and Tom Waits). It’s good luck Joan Baez hung around with him for so long, and has covered so many of his songs, because I love listening to her.

        In fact, the rock music cover culture (if it can be called such a thing. Maybe it’s more like a “habit” or a “convention of giving nods”) has always interested me, and is something I really incorporated (or think I did) in the novel I’m querying.

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        1. First and foremost, I now want to read your novel! I loveBob Dylan. True, I have to be in the right frame of mind, but I typically love voices that I think of as interesting. Dylan, Joplin, Petty, Bowie, Kate Bush…


          1. I love Janis Joplin (and Joan Baez’s cover of “Me and Bobby McGee” is lovely)! And I’ve been listening to Bowie all week for some reason. And I think we all know my Springsteen love, whether you wanted to or not 😉

            It’s not what the novel is *about*, but it’s in there. The main character is a rock star, and it’s an update of the Orpheus myth. It’s queried to some agents, and I’m waiting on a full (Waiting….well, we use Tom Petty to express that)

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          2. Waiting most certainly is the hardest part! 🙂 A retelling of the Orpheus myth is brilliant, btw. I’m with you on Bowie and Baez, but I’ll leave Springsteen to you 😉


          3. lol, I don’t hate his music, I’m just not a big fan. And Springsteen fans tend to be very, very dedicated. 😛 Yes, and yes please, re reading. My email is in the about page, if/when you’re ready to pass it on.


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