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Street Fair Season!

Street Fair Season!

Sunday was a beautiful day, one of those days where you feel the promise of summer. Art Child and I went for a little walk.  Or in my case, hobble. We even took Little Incredibly Dumb Dog with us so she could be appropriately traumatized. Got to the corner and the familiar, peculiar mix of zeppoles, barbecue smoke, and exhaust was unmistakeable.  Spring is peak street fair season in the city.  Some of the fairs are fabulous, with interesting crafts, unique art, live music, and an opportunity to sample great food. Small children and tourists are certain they’re scoring goods that would otherwise be here:



But really, the booths contain a lot of what you might otherwise find here:


Most seem like a collection of the various street vendors scattered throughout the city gathered in one 7-10 block radius for the day, selling the usual crap–some useful crap, most not–and added a couple dozen deep fryers and barbecues.  I have on occasion bought some great earrings, once bought a pair of gladiator sandals for $5 that lasted 4 years, and used to buy all my socks from these tables.

These are great days to be in the city, the first days of flip-flops and running into friends you haven’t seen since the first snow fell, warm enough to feel glorious but before it’s so hot all you smell is old dog piss rising from the grates as you walk down the street.

This was a pretty average fair, but the first one is always fun. Walk with me, Fringelings.



  1. I love pickles!!! And I love your photographs of the city. I’m so glad you were able to hobble out on such a lovely day, drinking it in and sharing it with your devoted fringlings.

    Imported from Brooklyn–love that one. Today’s more of the same, huh? Enjoy, mrs fringe! I’ll be living vicariously through you, whilst dodging raindrops and shivering in the fifties.

    xoxo kk

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    1. Thanks kk 🙂 NO! Don’t tell me you’re back down to the fifties, that means I will be dropping down in a day or two. 😀 The “imported from Brooklyn” sign was for cannolis, another irresistible treat.


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