City Angles, a birthday pilgrimage

Every year around Art Child’s birthday, we head downtown to the big art supply store so she can get some new supplies.  This year I brought the camera.  Note the green metal panels over the windows in the alley shots.  I was told those were to protect the residents in case someone dropped an atom bomb on the city. Along the lines of being told to get under your desk in case during the old air raid drills.  Not that I would remember such a thing, of course.

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Since Husband drove us, and we were already downtown, heading over to the village for a slice was a given. Later shots are along the West Side Highway, headed back uptown.

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And a few more random photos taken on my way to PT.

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Happy Friday, Fringelings, have a great weekend!



  1. As always, great photographs. I love seeing the culture of the place, the architecture, the people going about their day, I’m glad you don’t shy away from the less-than-pristine parts of the city. There’s a certain beauty to empty alleys, and doors with peeling paint. . .

    Or maybe that’s just me. 🙂

    Anyway, thank you again, Mrs Fringe. Your photographs are such a treat.

    xo kk

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