Downturn on the Upswing

Lucky day.

Lucky day.

Yesterday I woke up and smiled.  43°F felt like spring compared to the single digits I’ve been waking up to. I was exfoliating my pits trying to scrape the last bits of deodorant on, when I remembered I had a brand new stick in the closet. The sun made an appearance and stayed out all day. I walked a dog through  Central Park, and enough ice had melted so the paths were wet but relatively clear.  We learned that Art Child was accepted to a high school she feels good about, as do we.

This morning when I woke, it didn’t feel as warm. Sunrise came and left behind a gray sky. Disappointing, but still not bad. The mounds of snow at curbs and corners are disgustingly black and slick, but they’re melting.  I took Art Child to school, and I slipped. Luckily, I broke the fall with my face.


Oh yes. I went down hard and fast, didn’t have a chance to try to break the fall with my hands. See the black chunks that look like slabs of asphalt? That’s snow in Manhattan after a couple of weeks, and I slipped on a very similar looking mound.  My entire left side was covered in black muck and who knows what else.  I could just cry thinking about how I’m going to get this crap out of my beautiful sheepskin fingerless gloves. I opted to go home and shower before heading to the urgent care place for X-rays. A good thing, because it also gave me a chance to stop shaking.

My face is bruised and hurts, but not broken. My arm is sore and swollen, but probably not broken. The urgent care didn’t have the right machine (?) to X-ray my pelvis, if my lower half gets significantly worse I’m supposed to head to the ER for more X-rays.

After loading up on ibuprofen and acetaminophen, I figured I’d blog about my little adventure.  Turns out I’ve used up all the storage available with a free domain.  Upgrade time, we’re now at instead of–this should also mean if you saw ads before, you won’t now, and you should automatically be redirected if you’re visiting from a link or bookmark.

I think this is now me.

I think this is now me.

Fuck spring, I want summer.


  1. Oh you poor thing, mrs fringe. I am so sorry that happened to you, and now I’m all mother-henny, wanting to bundle you up and . . . what? Cart your little butt to the ER to make sure nothing important is cracked or otherwise damaged? Wrap you head to toe in gauze? Bring you a vat of mr, kk’s homemade chicken soup? I could pluck out the chicken bits. . .

    I know. Not funny. Nothing is funny when something like that happens. It sucks. I commisserate one-thousand percent. What do you need, honey? I shall provide it, forthwith or however you spell it. Don’t wait if things feel worse, okay? Sending you ((((gentle hugs)))) and really good stain remover.

    xoxoxo kk


    1. I’m trying to avoid the ER, kk. So germy. 😉 For now, I just need to rest and elevate. And keep warm, so weird–I can’t warm up today, and it really isn’t that cold. Thank you! ❤


  2. Ouch! We all try so hard to avoid falls like that but sometimes they just happen. Hope you recover quickly. And maybe a leather cleaning specialist can salvage those gloves. Certainly worth a try.


  3. Oh God, Mrs. Fringe, I hope everything proves to not be broken. Congrats to Art Child on the high school acceptance!

    One of my coworkers wiped out on her way into the building this morning; it’s been warmer here, but not warm enough, and “water” was black ice, even at 8:30 in the morning.


  4. I’m so sorry to read about your fall. Snow and ice can be treacherous for sure. I hope that warmer weather will melt these black piles soon! Meanwhile take care. Sending sun your way.


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