Little Incredibly Dumb Dog

Little Incredibly Dumb Dog

I refuse to turn towards the terrace and see the snow.  The snow that’s been falling and sticking for hours now, on this Sunday, March 1st.  Nope, I’m not looking, and neither is Art Child, or the dog.  Instead, we’re all watching the tank, pretending we’re on the beach.  Join us.

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  1. yup, I needed some beach time! We’re having far, far too much cold and snow time.

    What I used to do (and this is with the original xbox) is play “Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball” when the winter doldrums got me. Bathing suit selection, pool games, volleyball, and bubblegum music I can’t otherwise stand? Sounds like summer to me! Alas, said original xbox is in a box in a closet somewhere, and the XBox One is not backwards compatible with all its games (which is criminal to me).

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  2. Coming late to the beach party, but I brought my floaties so hopefully, nobody will notice. 🙂

    You have the color right, mrs fringe. Really enjoyed the pix. Spring is coming and I do believe this post was the catalyst. Who can deny a little clown fish, staring you in the puss?

    You know I love snow but I thank you for reminding me that sometimes, a day at the beach ain’t so bad.

    ❤ kk


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