Ramblings of a Day Off

Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes

Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes

Oh, Sunday.  It isn’t always true, but today is a blissful day of nothing needs to be done.  So obviously, my best plan was to get up and stand at the stove to make 8000 pancakes.  That’s ok, because I’m still in my pajamas.  9 in the morning, in my pj’s with saltwater mixing for tomorrow’s water change, I must be dreaming.  My back tells me I’m not.

It’s also Man Child’s last day at home before he heads back up to school for *whee* his last semester of college.

On my way home from taking the girl to her art class yesterday morning, I took some photos.  For the first time, it occurred to me why I set so many of my stories at this time of year.  Let’s face it, late winter in New York–not sexy or invigorating, not pretty or enticing.  The dominating colors are gray and gloom.  The season of train delays and wind tunnels, when I walk with my head down, hood eliminating all peripheral vision and calculate the odds of getting clipped in the head by a chunk of ice falling from a building.

A good time of year for hibernating, spending the day without getting dressed, thinking about what we do and why we do it.  Because I have this ridiculous compulsion to make up characters and write them down, it dovetails nicely with the introspection.

Yes indeed, I do have a new character who’s been knocking at the back of my brain.  At the moment he’s barely more than raw, a yummy mix of foolish and ludicrous.  I may have to bring him forward soon, see how he can take shape.

For now, I have filthy-New York-in-February photos for you.  Enjoy. And have a pancake while you’re at it–since I took this photo 20 minutes ago, my kitchen was apparently invaded by pigeons, and there aren’t many left.  I’m going back to my beach house in Hawaii fantasy.





    1. What can I say? I like breakfast. Preferably at dinnertime, but still 😀 True, there’s no American city I’d prefer to live in than NY–but if I had a shot at a beach house? I’d trade that Metrocard for hurricane insurance faster than they can raise the subway fare. 😉

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  1. Strangely, I did have pancakes today….they were the cinnamon sauced ones that Denny’s makes (I do so love cinnamon) but I don’t have pancakes very often.

    I like your pictures. I also like the notion of a beach house, though Hawaii isn’t required. I think of warm beaches often, though especially in February.


    1. Thanks! I love cinnamon, too. 🙂 Not so much Denny’s. 😀 What the hell, if I’m dreaming of a beach house, I’m putting it on HI. With a yacht parked in the slip. Hey, look at me, I’m Elmer J Fudd!


  2. Oh, those looked good. I always got a bit overzealous with the berries and wound up with blue pancakes. Not so great. Kinda looked like Cookie Monster exploded in my kitchen. On a totally different subject, a friend who lived in Hawaii messaged me last night to inform me he feels guilty about complaining of 50 degree weather out there.. since it’s been -8 here. If my legs were longer, I’d aim a good hard kick in his general direction.

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      1. I already made a dig about how I’ll have warmth soon enough without fear of tidal waves or volcanic eruptions. I doubt the gentle rip will go unnoticed lol. *accepts extra berries with glee*

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