Dreaming in Color



The room I grew up in looked like Walt Disney had projectile puked in technicolor.  That was more than a bit much, but I guess it had an influence. I do love color.  Not so much in the clothes I wear, but for accessorizing, and surrounding me in the apartment.  Just surprising pops of pretty. Fatigue surprised me last Friday Night Madness with the above bracelets.  Aren’t they cool?  They’re made of paper, an idea that I absolutely love.

It’s gray and blah outside, I swear the light snow coming down is slush. I just got back in from walking Little Incredibly Dumb Dog, where she cowered and shook her way down the block, unable to determine what was more terrifying–the super driving his little snow plow alongside us, or that horrible cold wet stuff under her feet.

But it is Friday, I’m looking forward to Friday Night Madness tonight, and I’m trying to get myself in the right mindset to grocery shop while staying within budget.  I can’t complain, because I got to the fish store the other day and got a few new critters for the tank.  Reefing can be a very expensive hobby, I stick to the cheaper fish and buy small, small frags.  They’ll grow into larger, full colonies–patience is key in this hobby anyway.

I got a pair of fish I wasn’t planning on, a little more aggressive than I wanted.  But when I saw the orange lips on that solorensis wrasse, and he had a mate with him, for an amazing price! I absolutely could not resist. I’m sharing photos of them below, happy with the livestock but unhappy that I still haven’t been able to figure out the best settings on the white balance when taking these photos.  The LED light make everything appear very blue in the pics, no matter how I try to balance the settings of the actual lights.  Still, take a tank tour with me, enjoy my pretties, creepy crawlies, and colors!

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  1. Question: how many fish, etc. will eventually reside in that tank?

    Quite the diversity of life, swimming and non, in there already. And now I’m doubly happy, because now I can imagine the blue tranquility of a tropical reef whilst gazing at snow outside my window.


    Thank you so much, mrs fringe.

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  2. Congrats on your fish, they are lovely!

    When I was little and we had a tank, we had crayfish for awhile. And Silver Dollars and clown fish. Strangely, the gar didn’t bug those particular smaller fish, but the crayfish sure did!


  3. When I see fish in fish tanks I think how lovely and peaceful but also how much bloody work, I know some people think having fish is easy but I don’t believe that to be true some fish take a lot of work to care for


    1. It is work, but after the first few months, once everything stabilizes the maintenance/upkeep isn’t bad if you keep up on it. To keep a successful reef you kind of have to love it, and then half the work is fun. 🙂


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