Ain’t All That


Happy 2015!  My immune system seems to be taking the year off.  A very snuffly and low key couple of weeks.  I did leave the neighborhood a couple of times with Art Child and Nerd Child, found a few bits of my old remembered New York through the new glass and steel skyscrapers that continue to pop up everywhere.

IMG_2704 IMG_2705


What have I been doing in between blowing my nose and thinking about blogging?  Catching up on reading.  The other day I finished a novel that stunned me with its beauty.

In contrast, I also found myself at *gasp* a shopping mall a couple of weeks ago.  I hate having to go to malls, I swear the air is a toxic mix of plastic and tranquilizer dust.  But I suppose it was worth it, because I now have two pairs of jeans that fit and don’t have holes, and when we walked through the parking lot I saw this.

I wonder if he felt the same sense of being in the wrong place.

I wonder if he felt the same sense of being in the wrong place.

Which made me think of this song, an old favorite:





  1. What was the novel? my curiosity asks. My brain says, No, don’t ask that. Sympathize with her about her cold. Yes, but I really want to know what the novel was. As you can see, I battle between brain and curiosity day after day. Sometimes one wins, other times the other wins. Kind of like the War of the Roses. Or the Capulets and the Montagus.

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  2. Joni and the seagull are perfect! They go well with the sidewalk sign for La Colombe, too. Happy 2015, Mrs Fringe! I was curious about the novel you loved but see the title right above, so another book to read, I’m afraid…

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