Oh, the laundry basket

Oh, the laundry basket

I should be doing laundry today. The plan was to do laundry today.  Dragged Husband to the store yesterday for laundry detergent so I could do laundry today.  The store didn’t have the brand/type I like, I told myself not to be an idiot and chose something else.  And yet, see my basket, perched on top of the full hamper, filled with…not laundry.  Behind it, my file cabinet, filled with school stuff from the kids, medical info, and old bits of manuscripts, printouts of agent info, ancient rejection letters.

The good part of this move was that it kept me too busy to think for a bit.  And by think, I mean obsessing about the lack of agent responses on my manuscript.  I told myself if I hadn’t heard anything by the time we were moved in, it was okay.  I’m still in a bigger better space, I still have a brand new dishwasher I’m infatuated with, I still have my own, personal workspace with a desk, I still wrote a novel I’m proud of.  If I don’t receive any offers, so be it, right? This end is out of my control. So what if I never make a dollar from my writing?  I’m sure as hell not alone in that.  I will not sit at my new desk and wonder what the point of having it is.  I’ll focus on my new space, I’ll continue to fix it up, I’ll keep blogging, I’ll continue planning my tank, I’ll stay on top of the laundry.


Just before sunrise.

Just before sunrise.


  1. I couldn’t find my preferred laundry detergent yesterday either, 😦 but unlike you, I left the store empty-handed and grumbling. Unlike me, you made the best of an annoying situation, which you have also done as you’ve continued to write and put yourself out there, and write some more. I can’t help but find your perseverance inspiring, Mrs. *hugs*


  2. I gave up on publishers and agents a long time ago. Now I get all my stories published. I have a very personal relationship with the publisher. So next year I will be going whole hog and throwing some things up on kindle. Like three stories and a novel.


      1. The thing is no matter what genre a writer publishes, the writer still must do 99.9% of the marketing. It is really up to the writer to find their audience these days. The publishers are not going to do it for you. On top of that, when you are shelved in the bookstores, you don’t get a place of honor. And after three months, you are pulled from the shelf unless you are selling well. That is why I don’t have much sympathy with Hachette in its fight with Amazon.


  3. Regardless of laundry and waiting for publishers and all that happy sh*t, I am so thrilled for you, mrs fringe. I love, love your floor and the tiled area, ready for your tank. So awesome.

    I just now read through your blog, all the posts I’d missed due to this and that. I love that sculpture nerd child made, great description. I felt for your little dog being all scared and on high alert. My kitty Max went through that when we got our new fridge, black front. He’d hesitate before walking by it, gave it a wide berth, sometimes he’d refuse to go in the kitchen and he had to, because the litter box is downstairs, beyond the kitchen. Finally I moved all my magnets to the bottom of the fridge to break up that menacing black wall. The things we do for our little pets.

    So, love your floor, glad you are getting squared away. Even if it’s slow-going, you have already accomplished so much. Thank you for sharing your experiences, mrs fringe. I can’t help you but I am with you in spirit, kiddo.

    xoxo kk


    1. Yay! Thank you for hanging in through all my whining 🙂 I’m glad you like the floors, I’m definitely happy with them. Awww, poor mr max, I can just picture him trying to figure out that big black wall. 😀


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