And Then This Happened

Recuperating, settling in, where do the days go?  Happy Friday, Fringelings!

Welcome to my future beach house in a glass box.  Remember that spot I said I was planning for a new tank? Fatigue came over last week, looked at it, and dubbed it the interrogation corner.  He could have a point.

Where were you, on the night of the 25th?!

Where were you, on the night of the 25th?!

I will admit to being amused by the double take done by every person who’s walked into the apartment.  I made a game of guessing a) if they would stop and stare or keep glancing at it, and b) how long before they broke down and asked.  Hard to tell from this angle, but the tiled area is 4′ x 5′.  Alas, I don’t get much company so the game lost its charm after a week.

Allow me to present the new future fringie reef.

Eventually this will be 80 gallons of sexy reefing goodness.

Eventually this will be 80 gallons of sexy reefing goodness.

Even better, it’s in a prime viewing spot, easily watched from the couch and I can see it from my desk–though not so close as to be distracting when I’m trying to write.  Assuming, of course, the rest of life settles down enough for me to write again.   My desk.  Have I mentioned that 100 times yet?  It may not be a room of my own, but it feels pretty close.

A desk that isn't my lap!

A desk that isn’t my lap!

From this point on it will be slow going, for budgetary reasons and in the interests of good husbandry.  The first commandment of reefing, “Nothing good happens fast in a reef tank.”

In case you’re wondering, poor Little Incredibly Stupid Dog hasn’t quite settled in yet.  She’s still nervous, afraid of every new sound.  Just breaks my heart, seeing how anxious she is.

I'd like to share her level of anxiety.  Oh, and don't tell Husband she's on the couch.

I’d like to share her level of anxiety. Oh, and don’t tell Husband she’s on the couch.

What’s new for you?


  1. Love your work area! Lots of new things for you this fall, Mrs. Fringe. Enjoy them. I hope you will find the time to write.
    Since you ask what’s new for us, I will tell you that writing is still very much on my mind and that my middle grade novel is out since Tuesday. Wish me luck! I wish you the best.


      1. Understood. We are a Dogs on Furniture household (including sleeping in bed with us!) and so it interests me to learn about other households’ dog habits. We’re all so different sometimes (and so the same others)

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  2. When I see your desk, somehow EliA Doolittle begins singing. “Lots of chocolates for me to eat…” Glad you’ve found your niche – literally!


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