Sort, Sorting, Sorted



While it doesn’t quite feel like anything is happening, I am making headway.  The envelopes above.  There were over twenty of them on high shelves that lined my halls, plus dozens of loose rolled preschool paintings and 5 boxes of school and kiddo related stuff.  And cards. Cards from them to us, us to them, Abuela y Abuelo to them, Grandma and Grandpa to them, even one from my grandmother to Man Child. Cards to me and Art Child from several friends met online.  So freaking sweet, I wanted to melt with many of them.

My poor Man Child, we had a couple of years when he was 8,9,10 where it felt like a round robin of funerals and ICU visits.  “Dear Dad, Please don’t die.”  And Nerd Child, from homework on a page of vocabulary sentences, 1st grade, “My aunt was in a ventilator in the hospital.”  There are fun ones, too. From NC’s second grade teacher, a note in response to his first homework of the year, an “about me” letter:  “Dear Nerd Child, Wow, I’ve never met a kid who said Pink Floyd was his favorite band before.” A note from Art Child to me, “Dear Momy, Im sory, Im doo it nw.  Lov lov lov lov”  Whittled down to 5 envelopes, period.  The shelves have been taken down.

And the fridge magnets.  I don’t have any on my fridge in this apartment, it makes the kitchen feel too cluttered when you’re talking about such a small space.  But my last apartment?  Like 90% of other moms, the refrigerator was covered. Magnets holding pictures, drawings, receipts, phone numbers, appointment cards, glucose level logs, seizure logs, med titration schedules.  Ok, maybe not quite like most other moms, but close enough. Apparently I had put all of those into one box when I was moving in here, it got put on a shelf to be dealt with later. Guess it’s later.  In the box was the complete set of these:


Two sets, actually.  I don’t know if they still sell them, they’re a little electronic learning game, magnetized so the main component and letters can all be stuck on the fridge, and it says the name and sound of the letter when fit into the main piece. The other set does the same, next step, slots for three letter words. Many, many hours playing with these. I was happy to pass them on to the nursery school.

The painting and the floors are close to finished in the new apartment. If all goes well, we’ll be able to really move within the next week or two, hooray!  I spent the day celebrating by cuddling with my sick and sniffling girl, Dr Who on the TV.  Ok, maybe I wasn’t hanging onto the Dr’s every word quite the way Art Child would have liked. Maybe I was cyber window shopping for tank equipment.  I don’t know why I find shopping for curtains and medicine cabinets tedious, but protein skimmers and RO/DI water systems and salt mixes, oh my!  Bestill my shriveled reefing heart.

We saw this sky the other evening, I had to take a photo to share.



  1. I smile and was moved too when you wrote about your kids’ notes. I have been through a lot of sorting as well recently. New period in my life as well now that all of my kids are away in college. My boxes take a lot of space but when I have able to get rid of lots of ‘stuff’ I haven’t been able to part from my kids’ notes, drawings and also some school work.
    As for your fridge game, I have one with magnetic letters that we used a lot when the kids were little to write new ords, then short sentences and later poems.
    Enjoy your new home even though technically it is an appartment, it is still a home.
    And thank you for the sky.


    1. Thanks Evelyn! All your kids off to college? Congratulations! 🙂 It’s so hard to part with these things. As you can see, I’m not getting rid of all, but more than this was overkill. Sorting my way towards a umm, perhaps not minimalist, but moderate, lifestyle. 😉


  2. Amazing what you find when you start digging through the past. Each card, each photo, each magnet worthy of at least one post and maybe more. Digging through memory alley is like time travel, only better.


    1. “Memory alley,” I like that phrase. 🙂

      This really is the stuff of our lives, the small moments and cement of days, amazing to look back and remember, see these moments with the perspective of time.
      Thanks Don!

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  3. I once had an entire drawer full of nothing but similar notes, papers, and drawings from my son. At some point in my many moves they disappeared and I can’t for the life of me recall what happened to them. There were several things I remember to this day, 40 years later, that I wish I still had.

    Your observation about the fridge … I’ve got one, somewhere under mounds of paper, memos, magnets, photos, etc. Don’t know where I’d keep such things otherwise.


  4. Oh my, all the things I hold onto. I threw away my rejection letters, but postcards I got when I was 5? Have those. I can think of no earthly reason to keep them, nor any earthly reason to give them up.


  5. I was coming over to congratulate you on so much progress so quickly (Floors! Paint!) and then I saw you’ve caught the crud! NOOOO! I hope you take a few days to lay low and pamper yourself appropriately. Take care, Mrs. ❤


  6. Perhaps you can reinstall half those high shelves upstairs,,, half would still be a victory, right? I’m so sorry that the bugs have invaded already and as usual, with the worst of the worst of timing. They’ve hit here as well and it scares me for the rest of the season. 😦

    The tank is coming, the tank is coming. The TANK IS COMING. ❤

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    1. You nailed it, every time I start getting too overwhelmed/overloaded, I look at tank stuff. 😀
      I can bring those shelves upstairs and reinstall them, but that’s part of what’s slowing me down. I’m trying hard to take a careful look at everything and evaluate what is or isn’t necessary to keep. I’d love to get rid of the shelves–just because I’d like to not need them.

      Thank you, as always, for the good thoughts. Yes, the bugs hitting so hard and fast is not a good beginning to the year, move or no move.


  7. I’m so late to the party, but I’ve been thinking of you. Hope everything’s going well, pumpkin. Moving isn’t the problem – it’s deciding what goes with versus what gets pitched or recycled! The older ya get, the harder it is to make those choices. I tossed out most of my crap and I *still* have a carload of crap to take back with me. You’ll be fine. *twitch* Just fine. ❤

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    1. Yah, twitching. (((((hugs)))) Glad to see you, Ona ❤ Things haven't gone quite so smoothly here, trying to get my brain sorted out to post. Thank you, and I'm wishing you the very best!


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