Think I can trademark the name and be the new Jane Fonda? Jillian Michaels? No?  How about Richard Simmons?

The point being I am still unable (will never be able?) to go back to my old yoga routine, or walk the same distances I was–until recently–able to walk.  Oh, my back, she is old.  But I needed to do something to get myself moving.  I wouldn’t mind the weight gain if it hadn’t cut my wardrobe down from small to pitiful.  And I still wouldn’t mind so much if it weren’t for my head.  You know, the old advice about exercise releasing endorphins and being good for mood.  For me it’s true, and I really, really needed to do something to work off some of the pissy factor.  I found a yoga DVD specifically for back care.  The workout is short, the poses are gentle, and they aren’t held for the usual amount of time.  Bonus, it’s led by Rodney Yee, and I find his voice soothing.

Did I mention the chair?

Did I mention the chair?

Yes, it uses props, which I’ve never used before.  A chair and a strap.  Part of me feels like I’m cheating, and part of me is just grateful to have found a way to get back to a regular yoga routine.  I don’t think this is doing a damn thing to whittle down the thickened waistline, but it is helping my head.  This and some additional meditation exercises, I’ll be singing in no time (sorry, world).  Pissercize, for the bitchy among us.

It’s helping enough so I went for my annual haircut this morning.  Not only got my hair cut, but made the appointment in advance, so I was able to see the hairstylist who works magic with my mop, no easy feat.

Thank you, Frank!

Thank you, Frank!


An added plus–he’s fun, my age group, and very politely didn’t mention that the top of my skirt doesn’t actually close anymore.  Maybe he didn’t notice, I kept my shirt untucked and over the waistband.  It’s possible.

Still trying to figure out getting the work done on the new apartment.  The price quotes we’ve received so far are literally exorbitant. The work that needs to be done on the walls is more than I can do, but I swear we’re talking about some plaster work to repair cracks/holes, and painting.  No structural renovations.  Thinking about the discussion re Brooklyn roots and Barbra Streisand’s new album as my hair was tamed, I’ve come to the realization that what/who I need is Dolly.  As in, Hello.




  1. Whatever woiks, Mrs Fringe. I know about backs, so however you move, to what degree, it’s better than not moving at all. Embrace that.

    Slowly, so you don’t hurt yourself.


    Btw, your hair looks pretty. Your stylist done good.

    Oh, as for that sticker shock–hell, it's only money.

    (Monopoly money–that's what I tell myself.)



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