1. Even though it may have been time, I can’t help but cry. There are few loves in life like a good dog. Take care, Mrs. Fringe. We’ll be thinking of you. ❤


  2. Oh, honey, honey, honey, you know it was time. He needed the rest. But I am SO sorry. Love you. ❤


  3. Saw your guest blog post on TTs but didn’t expect to find sad dog post when I visited. Boooo! So, so feel for you. We have one big furry old dog, and one small hyper little monster. As you said, nothing to say, we’ve all been there, but I’ll still send you my condolences, a hug from big furry old dog, and an excitable leap from Little One.


    1. Thank you, Roughseas–for stopping by, and the condolences. ❤

      Welcome to Mrs Fringe, and feel free to poke around. Posts range from silly to rant-y to navel gazing, this one is all too real, but not indicative of the usual fare.

      There are links up top to a "favorites" page–either reader favorites or my own, and a couple of short fiction pieces.



      1. Been there, know how it feels. I am a walking reservoir – if there is such a thing – when it comes to posts like this. And such a beautiful photo too.

        Thank you. I did read another one that I’ll try to remember to comment on – about getting published, but I’m meant to be bust right now and not indulging in blogging…

        I’ll pop back later. Hmm, maybe better follow, that might be a bright idea 😀


          1. Since breaking my ankle three months ago, my posts have changed somewhat. Mostly posts from the sofa. There is a dog post a few posts back, Snowy’s birthday or something. Has pix of both doggies 🙂 that’s better and shorter!


  4. What better words to say when a beloved companion has made it to the eternal happy hunting grounds.
    I know how it feels [http://pitstexasexpatblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/in-memoriam-buster/] and I share your loss,


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