Guess What I Just Did!


If you guessed that I just spent the last hour cleaning shards of glass and frozen coffee out of my refrigerator, you guessed correctly. See the photo above for your prize.

What? It’s summer, there are worse prizes than an ice cube. Big Senile Dog thinks they’re a treat.  Little Incredibly Dumb Dog thinks they’re an abomination and fishes them out of her water bowl to leave them to melt on her wee wee pads.

Someone mentioned an upcoming writer’s conference in NY.  I haven’t even looked at any in years, they’re just too expensive.  But I was thinking.  Maybe it would get me motivated.  It’s in NY, no travel or hotel expenses, an opportunity to pitch in person…maybe.  I looked at the website, I thought, I discussed with some of my writing buddies, I thought out loud to Husband and Nerd Child.

By late morning, budget realities had me delete the page from my bookmarks.  Life, get over it.

So I got busy making the doggie gumbo I should have made yesterday.  Which made me hot.  Which made me remember I had a bottle of Stumptown cold brewed coffee in the back of the fridge.  I know, the horror, pre made coffee.  But hot! thirsty!   holy shit what happened?!

The fridge has been temperamental in the last year or so.  It likes to freeze whatever’s in the fruit and veggie drawers.  Needless to say, less and less has been going into those drawers, and more has been stuffed on the shelves.  Guess the freezing game is expanding to the upper shelves.

Husband’s eight containers of cut papaya are safe.  My organic cherries I got on sale, lost.  Along with two boxes of baking soda, and assorted half fruits left from this morning’s smoothie.



  1. Your budget is very tight. Here’s a thought: when it’s your bday or Christmas or Mother’s Day or whatever, ask for money for your writer’s fund in lieu of gifts and spend it only on writing stuff and opportunities when they come up. Your writing is important to you mrs. f, it’s a priority. ❤
    Diana xo


  2. I do love a course – i have to admit but they are just so damn pricy I agree. BTW careful of the ice cubes if senile dog is too hot. they can cause the dog’s gut to knot. A friend’s had to have a n emergency op!

    My new pup loves them too but I limit to cool mornings pre walk or eve time now.


    1. Good to see you, Mrs C!

      I didn’t know that about the ice cubes, thank you. I don’t give him many, one or two in his water dish, but at this point I don’t want to do anything that might cause more pain and trauma to his body.

      Everything is too damn pricey! 😉


  3. Oi. At least your fridge still somewhat works. Using a chest freezer for *everything* in the summer sucks sweaty…well, it sucks. Kiddo and my sis have been ganging up on me recently, though, about moving *back*, so we’ll see. Maybe in a couple years. And perhaps a couple after that I’ll stop in NY and we’ll hit one of those conferences together. Hey, if my sis managed to stop an NY taxi once just by showing her leg, just imagine the goodies we could get with our combined body parts! *looks down* Or not. Hey, it’s still an idea.


    1. Ugh. Hate the thought of you not having a working fridge at all. 😦 but I love imagining you and I together at a conference, we’d have so much fun wreaking havoc and pitching to the hotel concierge. 😉


      1. lol! I could just see it…

        Me: OK, OK…so imagine this scenario if you would…

        You: *grabbing my collar* Simmer down, Ona. Oooh, booze! *steers me to bar*

        Concierge: Who’s Ona? *looks around*

        Us together: Never you mind!

        Can’t wait! ❤ 😉


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