What to Do?

When you’re frustrated as hell with life and what is or isn’t happening?  Today was going to be the day I ran away to the beach by myself, but due to more life and clouds, that won’t be happening. So. Shut the hell up and wander around the city with a camera.

We’ve had some really great, southern feeling storms recently.  The kind that come through quickly, pour while the sun is shining or make afternoon feel like night.

Over to the east side yesterday, along 5th Avenue and wandering the eastern edges of Central Park.

The birds and the bees.  Which reminds me–city pro tip:  If you’re going to watch porn in a dark room at night, close your blinds.  Oh, apartment life.  It was really hot and humid in the afternoon, caught my attention to see the flowers in all the stages of blooming and dying on the same day.

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And then, at the end of the day, I sat on this bench, just outside the park.  It’s a thing here in NY, you can “buy” a bench, and get a plaque attached with your name or the name of a loved one.  I’m always intrigued, sometimes there’s a hint of a story, and you know this was someone who spent a lot of time enjoying park benches, other times I’m free to imagine whatever I’d like for the name attached. Many are “in memory of.”  It’s unbelievably expensive, I looked into it about a year ago for a friend.  In any case, on this one bench were two plaques, on the same slat.  I wondered what the people who paid a gazillion dollars each to buy a bench thought of this.  More than that, I wondered about who Mopsy is/was.


  1. I love the photographs, Mrs Fringe. But it’s your musings I really enjoy, the way you bring static moments to life. . .

    “BENCH STORIES” by Mrs Fringe.

    Chapter One: Mopsy.



    1. Thanks Diana! ❤ It's been way too busy for what are "supposed" to be lazy summer days.

      Mopsy could be/have been a dog. Maybe the bench was next to his favorite tree. :p


  2. Yeah, I wouldn’t be into walking that many dogs at a time either, especially not dogs of that size. Seems like it would be too easy for something to go wrong for everybody. But, I’m just that kind of worrier.

    I wonder if Mopsy and Maureen were in fact linked in some way.


    1. I’m sure it does on occasion go wrong, but honestly I haven’t seen it. Most (not all) of the dogs I walk are those that can’t be walked in a pack walk, too nervous or aggressive.

      Mopsy and Maureen could be linked, so many, many ways to spin a story off a simple plaque. 😉


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