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Yesterday was a busy day.  It was also the first day I was able to stand somewhat close to upright with pain that’s manageable, so that’s ok.

Took the girl to school, came back home and went with Nerd Child to the grocery store, to buy soft, no-chewing necessary foods.  He was getting the first round of braces put on in the afternoon.  Did what I needed to do around the house, checked my email 80,000 times in hopes of query/requested material responses (nothing, seems like all agents left for the Bologna Book Fair yesterday), he left for the dentist, and I went to pick up Flower Child, planning to meet him at the office.

Because I was going to be out of the neighborhood, I figured I’d bring the camera.  I remembered to charge the battery, remembered to bring the camera.  Being me, I didn’t remember to put the freshly charged battery back into the camera.  Sigh.  Still everything seemed to have gone well for NC, and I signed all my dollars, present and future, over to the promise of straighter teeth.

Last night I had a beautiful first.  A different type of Friday Night Madness. Man Child came in for the weekend with Miss Music, and we went out.  For a beer.  A legal, ordered in my favorite bar beer, with my 21 year old.  Should it feel like a big deal?  I don’t know, but it did.  There was something so…sweet…about being able to have this nice, normal, adult moment with my oldest.  Miss Music also recently turned 21, Husband was home and came with us, truly a moment.  When we left the bar, Miss Music told me she had read Astonishing (I had emailed the file to Man Child) and loved it.  YAY!  I want to hear specifics–feedback from the perspective of a young person– but they are, after all, 21, so they continued on for more of a night out than a beer with the parental units, and Husband and I went home.

It’s a funny thing, this writing.  There was a thread on the writer’s forum the other day about “stage fright,” not wanting to share work with others.  I don’t feel that way.  I want to be read, share, get feedback.  Sure there’s a serrated edge flutter in my gut when I hand over a manuscript–will they like it? hate it?  yawn their way through because it’s boring? think I’m the weirdest motherfucker ever and never want to speak to me again?  not respond at all (the worst, to me)? But it doesn’t stop me from handing it over.  I wrote, now you read.  In my mind, that’s the contract.

Yesterday at this time Nerd Child was sprawled on the couch, relaxed and watching videos on his laptop, laughing.  This morning he’s sprawled on the couch, relaxed and watching videos on his laptop, laughing.  Guess he’s ok.


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  1. I’m glad you were able to do more physically with less pain. Here’s to a really quick recovery! Going to the bar with your kid, now that’s something. When I turned 50, I rented the loft area in a bar and my daughter was able to attend my party (she was 19, legal drinking age here is 18) I loved having her there!
    Diana xo


    1. Thanks Diana! 🙂

      There’s something great about being able to have our relationships with our children add depth as they grow older, and we can begin to really see them as adults. ❤


  2. I’m glad you all had a good time celebrating that milestone. Your son is on the cusp of everything. His life’s a vast open book, so many pages still waiting to be written. The possibilities of youth, the anticipation of things to come–how wonderful is that?

    As for the young lady reading your stuff, I know what you mean. Wondering what she thinks, uncertainty stirring up delicious trepidation, quickening the heart. What if? Twenty-one, forty-one, eighty-one–who knows what might happen tomorrow? Maybe something wonderful, mrs fringe.

    xo kk


  3. What a great glimpse into a day in your life! Thank you for sharing. I also have a newly- 21-year-old. It’s so wonderful to see them grow up and to relate as adults. He doesn’t read my books, however. I write erotica and that would be…weird. His girlfriend did, though!

    Evelyn (a fellow AW-er)


  4. I am glad I never had braces, although my sister did but she took hers off with a pair of pliers when she ran away from home it was not a good time and she doesn’t like to be reminded of those days. Natasha had braces and now she has beautiful teeth


    1. Eeek! I can’t imagine removing them yourself, ouch!

      I’m glad my days of braces are long behind me, and even more glad they’ve come a long way with orthodontics since I had them 🙂


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