Rough Waters

Waterfall near Eyvindarmul

Waterfall near Eyvindarmul (Photo credit: martin_vmorris)

Wow.  This has been a great stretch for Flower Child, which is awesome.  Unfortunately, not a great stretch for me.  Truly, if it’s not one thing it’s another.

I was doing well, working that yoga routine every day.  But exercise is a funny thing, kind of addictive.  The more you do, the more you want to do.  So I added some aerobics to the yoga.  A little step, a little boxing.  I love the boxing,  you really feel the work out, and it makes me feel powerful.  Just in case you’re starting to be impressed, don’t be.  This is all done with the Wii Fit, no real gyms, yogis, or boxing gloves involved.

Boxing gloves Español: Guantes de boxeo França...

Boxing gloves Español: Guantes de boxeo Français : Gants de boxe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First day, second day, third day, great.  Oh, that fourth day, the one where you’re feeling cocky, “I can do this, I will do this, I am what-the-heck-was-that!” Ok, pulled something in my back.  Not good, but not terrible, take a couple of days off from the yoga and aerobics, no problem.  And it was going that way.  By early yesterday I was feeling improvement.  But.  Then I did something.  Like stood up.  Or turned.  Or breathed.

And triggered an unwanted acquaintance. This isn’t a pulled, sore muscle, this is fire and ice nerve pain that runs from my neck to my foot, it hurts to sit, stand, or lie down.  Walking is a lot of fun.  Every so often I’ll step down to feel like someone just plugged me into a wet socket. Whee!  This morning, I actually called a physiatrist I’ve seen in the past.  In keeping with the frozen white waters I’ve been skidding along, she had a personal emergency, no appointments until next Monday.

This morning I was limping behind the beasts when a car stopped at a light right next to us.  A perfectly respectable looking woman discreetly made up and salon perfect hair dye, I’m guessing in her mid fifties, sitting in her silver Volvo.  With Tom Petty blasting through the cracked back passenger window.  Yes.  A perfect moment, perfect song while I tried to figure out how to balance myself so I didn’t fall over while picking up the poop.

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  1. Yeah Tom Petty! (though after Silence of the Lambs, I don’t listen to “American Girl” on my way home from anywhere at night anymore….)

    I wish you well on your doctor visit.


  2. I went dancing for the first time in along time on Saturday Night. Early in the day, I’d washed my sheets and decided to flip my mattress and my back gave out! I burst into tears, not so much from pain, but fear that I wouldn’t be able to go dancing – I live for dancing! It all worked out though, I layed myself on the floor, did some gentle stretches and somehow I was back to normal.

    I feel for you. Get better soon!
    Diana xo


  3. I have a wii fit and would love to use it more then I do but with one thing or another I just don’t get much of a chance to do so, I am sticking with my morning walk be it not a long walk only takes me around 40 minutes.


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