Dear Spring,

A view of a vineyard just before the spring cy...

A view of a vineyard just before the spring cycle of the growing season kicks in with budbreak. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where are you?  It’s been much too long since we last saw each other.

I’m hoping you’re about to show up for a leisurely visit.  Though I can’t decide if it will be a surprise or not.  You’re overdue, but Winter has been here for so long I suspect he will never leave.  I tried getting a restraining order, but I’ve yet to find a judge willing to sign it. This rat bastard has his icy fists punching through every pothole, frozen toes doing the tango up and down my spine, and a steel wool beard that has turned my skin into stucco.  And that’s just the physical.

The constant sub freezing temps have done a number on my psyche.  I’ve even gone back to my yoga routine, in an effort to get myself to feel better.  No, of course I’m not contorting myself into a mangled pretzel just to catch Summer’s eye.  Maybe it is true that part of me is concerned I won’t fit in my overpriced bathing suit that’s only two years old, but honestly, that’s just a byproduct.  I’m doing it for me, because Winter has sucked the soul out of me.  Not only that, he’s been playing footsies with the 1 train.  At least 50% of the rides I’ve taken since November that train has been a mess of frozen tracks.  Late to arrive, slow to move, stopping between stations, evicting passengers for no apparent reason, and sometimes not showing up at all.

I’d rather be with you, Spring.  Truly.  At least until beach season.

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    1. Close to the same here. It was 57 yesterday afternoon, still 50 when I took the dogs out last night–17 when I woke up this morning, with 50mph wind gusts. Blah!


  1. Fifty here day before yesterday. Then eight inches of the white stuff and six degrees when I woke up this morning. Then again, this is Michigan. We have a good excuse. 🙂

    One day in the not so distant future, we’ll be enjoying our respective cups of joe, looking out at a spectacular sunrise, feeling the soft summer breeze in our hair. This crazy winter will be the stuff of memories.. We’re tough, we shall survive Old Man Winter’s onslaught. Takes more than blizzards and gale force winds and pot holes the size of New Jersey to get us down, dammit.

    Right, mrs fringe?




    1. What was that kk? I’m sorry, I was searching for my pom pons, but it turns out I don’t own any. 😉

      I’m down but not out. Yeah, yeah, winter will end eventually. And then, coffee at sunrise on the terrace!



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